Thursday, March 12, 2015

Vintagy-diecuty-shinyy-autography-reliquy pick ups

I received another envelope full of cards today (things should be slowing down rapidly from now on mail-wise, so I'll try not to get used to this too much), this time from ebay purchases I made last week. LAST WEEK ! This is crazy. Less than 6 weeks to receive's too overwhelming for me actually, I might need to take a moment.


much better.

Anyway, as I often explained, I hardly ever chase a particular card on ebay. I simply browse the items my favorite sellers have for sale. As if I was in an LCS just looking around. Which explains the complete randomness of what I pick up. It's probably not very smart, I should focus more on real wants, but there are sooooo many cards out there and soooooo many that I don't even know exist, that I prefer doing it that way. It's more fun to me.

I couldn't imagine not having a Don Mossi card in my collection. Sorry Julie, I'm keeping this Tiger this time !

A couple of 2015 Heritage purple refractors. I wonder if the refractors are SPs also ?

 A random auto from a Blue Jays prospect who only had 100 plate appearance in the majors with Toronto. But there's still the logo up there, so I wanted it.

Topps mini ! From Topps Mini online exclusive. I have no idea what that is, but I'll take their word for it.

This, apparently, is an encased box topper. I had no idea whatsoever that box toppers existed, 20 years ago. A whole new world unfolding before me. This is a chrome xfractor (ooooooh. fancy) numbered 21/57.

I picked it up because it's Alomar (probably the year of the spitting incident, I don't remember when that was exactly) and because it looked really cool. This time I wasn't mistaken, this is really die-cut, and it is pretty cool.I'll have to see if I can find the Griffey from that set.

Some Braves stitches ! No, this is not Jaybarker's blog. THe one on the left I picked up because it's Andruw Jones. I used to collect Sheffield cards 20 years ago. Before he...well, you know. And the one on the right I got simply because I think it looks very nice. And it's numbered 10/25. And it's meant for Wes at some point.

Just a shiny auto. I believe Sierra never made it to the majors, but I just liked the card.
This one I got because I owe Brian soooooooooooo many cards ! And what does he do ? He picks one up at a card show ! PLUS, he gets one in Chris's Heritage break (see how I'm using everybody's real name instead of the name of their blogs ? This means I'm IN, baby). So I'll keep this one in my collection. Which is fine by me, I think Mauer is an amazing player.


  1. How rude...Mossi hog. And don't get on Brian for picking up cards you'd already bought for him. There's one in this post I recently picked up for a certain French guy. You Mr. Papoy, are out of control.

  2. The Reyes relic is great- he's pointing right at it! "See, they cut my jersey into little pieces!"

  3. Throwback Threads is awesome. So many patches!