Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Jet lag : my first look at 2015 Topps

Yesterday, I also received the cards from the 2015 Topps case break held by Chris, who's holding a 2015 Heritage case break, so don't hesitate to go have a look at the teams still available ! You'll notice that the Blue Jays are still up for grabs.The reason is very simple : even though it was fun to join that 2015 Topps flagship break, it's hardly worth it in a shear monetary/value way. Chris has nothing to do with this, he did a great job with the break, filming everything and sending out the packages real fast. But the amount of Blue Jays hits and inserts is very small compared to other teams. Not counting parallels, there are only 20 different cards in series 1.  The Dodgers have 85. The Yankees, 87. And the two autos are of Brett Cecil and Aaron Sanchez, that I can find for a couple of dollars shipped. Add to this the fact that I add a few extra bucks for additional shipping charges, and I guess I made my case. And it's the same with this year's Heritage. Some Sps, but besides that, nothing much to expect.

But again, and I insist, this still was fun,and it looks like it's a ton of work, so thanks again, Chris, and I'll be looking out for the next ones. We never know !

As a matter of fact, all things considered, I didn't do too bad parallel wise. A couple of low numbered ones, and a foil parallel.

Black parallel, SN 22/64

Snow camo, SN12/99
 And it's no surprise, you all know by now that those foil parallels don't scan well at all !

One of my usual ebay sellers (from Japan) had a foil parallel lot that included the Bautista on the left and the cards down there. I don't know any Giants or A's collector, but they'll probably end up in a trade at some point. He also had that logo pin, one of the handful of Blue Jays hits, so I might as well pick it up now while I think of it. It's a cute, hefty, thick card, and cost me something like $4.

While I was at it, I also bid on that R.A. Dickey game used...Well, game used bat. Those always amuse me. I'm not sure an AL pitcher goes through too many bats, but like they say, it's not from any specific game or event. I'll just see it as a pretty piece of wood. And try not to get a splinter in my finger.


  1. You said nearly the exact same thing about the 2015 Topps Series I that I did for the same reason -- the number of cards for the Brewers just aren't worth it.

    By the way, Fuji might be the A's collector you're looking for, and perhaps ARPSmith for the Giants...

    1. just read your post and yeah, funny how many similarities there are. Once again, I did get a couple of low numbered parallels, but I prefer inserts to parallels (those annoy me). Good to know about Fuji and ARPSmith, thanks for the tip !

  2. I forgot you hit that R.A. Dickey and Reyes parallels....not too shabby.

    Last year I went for the entire Heritage set, but I think I'm just going to focus on the Buccos this year. It is a tough/expensive set to put together. Figured the group break would be enough to take care of most of my Pirate needs. Only 1 high number SP this year.

  3. Have no Heritage worries. No doubt your friends here will take care of you! Right friends of Kevin??? Hello? ;) The Navarro Topps makes me laugh every time. I've set it aside for my funny card stash. Not the most graceful slide.