Monday, March 2, 2015

ROY vs Runner Up : trading with Off Hiatus

A few weeks ago, I sent a few cards to Tony, from the great blog Off Hiatus Baseball cards  (Voted best new blog this year by the entire community of bloggers, and they know what they're talking about, even though they didn't vote for me (then again, this may precisely show that they know what they're talking about)). I was young, I was intrepid, and I just sent some random Brewers cards I had laying around.Nothing very special, nothing fancy, your usual 90s cardboard, plenty of which he probably already had.

A little bit after that, Tony offered up for grabs some cards he'd gotten at his LCS (or at a show, I don't remember), and I asked if he'd be willing to send one overseas. And overseas it traveled, and here it is :

Incidentally, this is my very first '76 Topps issue. A great shot of the future Blue Jays World Champion (but I don't think it was on his mind at the time, especially since the Blue Jays didn't even exist in 76).

Along with that card, Tony included over 100 cards from my want list. And I know how big of a pain it can be to browse through a want list and check each and every year, so I really appreciate the effort. He knocked off a bunch of my 70s and 80s needs, so yay.

They don't seem to get much love in the blogosphere, but I really like the design on those 78 cards.

Also included were an awesome variety of cards from all eras

1987 Leaf !

Ten days ago, I didn't know those oversized cards existed. Tony and Mark knocked off the Blue Jays checklist for 83, 84 and 86

Mid 80s Sportflics ! Man I love those. Nothing beats Sportflics. I wonder how kids liked them back then, if they thought it was the coolest thing on earth.

Ok, Kellogg's issues beat Sportflics to the finish line. Tony is represented by Tony the Tiger, which seems fitting.

I'm missing a ton of early Donruss. I don't even own a single 83 issue.

Topps Bigs are a pain to put in binders, but their backs are awesome

Some random oddballs and minis. I wonder how you use those scratchoffs ? I'm afraid to try. I'm afraid it'll turn into a mix between Jumanji and Poltergeist.

90s needs ! (aaaaah, those were the days)

Modern vintage throwbacks. From what I've seen, I think they id a good job on those Goudeys.

 Jose ! I have several parallel versions of the 2011 Topps, and for some strange reason, was missing the regular issue.

At first, I thought Tony include that Neon Deion because he's part of my Pc. Turns out, it's a Blue Jays card (yup, look on the bottom right). This is crazy, I had no idea there were cards of him as a Blue Jay, considering he signed with them for a month in 2001 before retiring, but never played. This has got to be the only one out there. Well done Tony !

Thanks a lot Tony for taking the time to look at my want list and knock off so many cards. I owe you a bunch of Brewers !


  1. I'm glad that the cards made it through customs without some customs agent grabbing that Neon Deion and high stepping his way to Marseilles!

    Seriously, I'm just happy that these cards are now with someone who needed them.

    1. Plus, I figured that if I was going to send cards to go to France, I did not want those cards to be lonely!

    2. I'm sure they had a blast on the ride here !

  2. Great bunch of Jays. Tony always comes through. You will have to track down some 8 pocket pages. The a Topps big fit nicely along with the early topps sets 52-56.

  3. I love that Dave Winfield - Stylin! Reminds me of the 1972 Willie McCovey.
    yeah - 8 pocket pages are perfect for Topps Big. I will send some with my next package!

  4. I had no idea Sanders was ever in the Blue Jays organization. I'll have to see if I can track down a copy of that one.