Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fun with book value

I'm happy, as I recently found an ebayer with a bunch of cool inserts from the 90s and more modern cards (I can't believe the 90s isn't considered modern, anymore) and who offers very fair international shipping fees ($3 for a card, $7 for 10 and $10 for 15-20). I need to be careful, as prices add up easily, but it was fun to shop around.

The real fun thing about 90s inserts is to compare their book value at the time they came out with the price I paid for them this time around. I really feel sorry for those who invested large amounts of money at the time, but come one...what did you expect ?

Ok, here's what I picked up this time, and none cost more than $3, except the (spoiler alert) Andruw Jones auto :

The problem when you shop on your computer screen is that you solely rely on photos. I was really disappointed in this one, as I was under the impression that it was some kind of embossed or die cut card. Which is why I got it in the first place, even though I've always liked Pettitte. I'm a little stupid like that sometimes. BV at the time was around $1, which is what I got it for.

A nice shiny card for my PC. This one is numbered out of 1 500, which in 97 was a big deal. So big a deal that it was worth...let's see...$80. Okay, to be fair, Andruw was incredibly popular at that time because of his World Series heroics. This $80 card was mine for $1.25 (and is still 'officially' worth $8 today)

More mid-90s shininess ! This time with The Kid. You could only get that set by redeeming for it, but I'm willing to bet thousands of people did so. It was worth $10-15. Got it for $1.3

Robbie  ! a tough insert to get (1:75) from a high-end set. Card worth $30 in 97, got it for $1.6

I like trying to chase on-card autos for my PC. SO I jumped on the opportunity of landing that nice Andruw Jones for $5. BV in 2001 was $30.

Ok, I'm done making fun of BV and Beckett. I randomly got that card because it features game-used base and ball. And they claim that they were used on May 12th 2001, which is a nice lie addition.

I like Bernie, don't care much about Giambi, but there's a nice pinstripe there.

I have no idea what this one was worth, as there was no pricing due to scarcity. I got it because it's numbered 01/10 and (only) cost $1.8
 This is one nice Delgado there.

Finally, an on card auto of Shannon Stewart for the Blue Jays collection

So there you go. That sure was nice. I'll be back soon for another episode of 'Fun with BV, why you should have fun with your cards'


  1. That Rolen card is the first time I've heard of a ball being used as a relic in a card. Very cool.

  2. I love those Fresh Ink autos. Very simple and nice. I have the Brian Giles in my collection.

  3. I'm have a 90s flashback. Catch me...I feel faint.