Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is for me...this is for other bloggers and this is for...hmm

It's time to have a look at some of the cards I got, following my ebay binge of the past couple of months. I'm actually proud of myself, as I haven't bid on anything since March 9th. I don't know if this earns me a chip, but the first step was admitting I had a problem, and that's done. I'm glad I had an intervention with myself. I'm still expecting a big package from Comc that should be here anytime, but after that, I'll be done with my ebay purchases.
The good thing though is that at no time did I receive cards wondering why on earth I'd bid on them. Well...sort off...

As always, I'll start with vintage !

1960 Topps just may be my favorite post 50s card set. Yep, even in front of 65.

My very first vintage Koufax ! His cards can't be found for cheap, even in bad shape. This one is semi-beat up and cost me $7. I'm still actively looking for (relatively) cheap copies of his 63 Fleer, 60 and 65 Topps...maybe one day.

I got both of those for $10 shipped (they were sold together). Not the most glamorous of May's cards, but still a very cool one to own.

For once, I got this Pirate card for my PC and not for Matt's collection. Please don't hold it against me !

The listing did not mention that the Munson was a Topps mini. I'm ok with that, it'll give me an excuse to chase down his regular issue too. The Ryan is for my 'let's get a copy of each of Nolan Ryan's base Topps cards" project.

Now, the modern cards :

I own several of Well's autos (3 or 4, which for me is a lot), and am always happy to add new ones, especially when they're on card.
  This was an extra card sent by one of the ebay sellers. He didn't do it on purpose, but it happens to be a card for my PC, of one of my favorite sets ever. Ok, he did also put a couple of Star Wars cards in there, that I donated to Comc because...Well because it's Star Wars cards...

Basketball !

I don't know if you can tell from the scans, but those two cards are partly acetate, hence transparent. They look real nice. The first one, I got simply because I'm trying to add as many UD Black autos as possible.

Hardaway looks way scarier on that card than on-court...

This is a great looking booklet ! (yeah, I'm feeling very inspired tonight)

Mark was nice enough to send me a bunch of those a couple of months ago, and I instantly fell in love with them. So it's naturally that I'm trying to complete the Knicks team set.

And finally, cards from nowhere. Well, actually, I got those cards for Wes, of jaybarker fame. Why ? Well, because I was absolutely sure that he collected Rockets players. I don't know why. Turns out he doesn't, as I mistook him with another blogger (sorry, can't remember who !). Those are still real nice looking cards, but talk about a dumb purchase ! I'll explain to my accountant that my heart was in the right place, that I was just trying to make Wes happy. He'll understand.


  1. Wow, great stuff. The Mays and Perry 1965's for a ten spot seems like a steal. I've been cutting back on ebay as well. I went 40 days recently without a purchase and now 7 more. It was only a $5 shipped set too.

    1. yeah, it's all about trying not to scratch that urge ! too many interesting cards out there, the risk is too big

  2. You donate your SW cards to Illinois, dangit! :)

    That Koufax is amazing for the price.

    1. haha sorry, I'll keep you in mind for next time ! Yeah, high BV is $120, so even in poor condition it should be around $12, so not a bad deal at all

  3. Let me check what I have for dupes of the Knicks to help you out with that set

  4. I'm not big on 1970 Topps, but that Maz is a favorite of mine. Great pickups all around!

  5. 65s look great! and the Knicks booklet is sharp! Hopefully, all jersey swatches!

  6. I hold it against you :)

    Great stuff Kevin. I like the Knicks booklet.

  7. They are beautiful! I appreciate the thought

  8. Great stuff. I would be more than happy to give those Rockets cards a home. I'm not sure if you need any of the 1980-81 panels with the Knicks, but I have access to several.

  9. Ha! I noticed myself doing the same thing "This one's for me.. This one's for ____ ... who the heck did I get THIS for?"
    I totally missed out on UD Masterpieces the first time around - I've gotten a few in trade and they are gorgeous. I keep an eye out for them now.