Monday, March 2, 2015


The more I spend my life on roam Ebay, the more I find interesting dealers offering good rates on international shipping. The Comc mailbox service is absolutely great, and about to become greater as they're dividing in half the processing costs, from $1 per card to .50 cts, but I prefer receiving cards in 10 days rather than 6 to 8 weeks. Especially when buying lots of 10 cards or more, then it makes sense to have them sent out directly to me. Plus, many ebayers let you shop around for a few days (usually no more than a week), which helps diminish shipping costs. It doesn't help my overall spending, though, but I've got it under control. Kinda.

Here's what I got today from one of those aforementioned ebayers :

To tell the truth, I really wasn't familiar with those players. I picked them up (the cards, not the players. Not my type) because I think they look amazing (again, the cards, not the players). Nice design and nice on card autos. A quick search tells me that Joe Lawrence played 4 months for the Blue Jays and 55 games, batting .180 (ok) and Kevin Witt played 20 games in a couple of years, despite being drafted in the first round by the Blue Jays. Ah well. $3 each seems like a lot to pay for their autograph, but what can I say, they're so pretty (the autos, not the players)

Those were a couple of dollars each. I'll always pick up a Delgado for a couple of dollars (the card, I mean...ok, I suppose you get it by now). It doesn't show on the scan, but the Shannon Stewart is all shiny and nice. Calling a card "Summer School" seems kind of offensive, doesn't it ?

This card was the main attraction, and the main reason why I got the other ones in the first place. It was $4, which is a bit much for a relic card, but it features three of my favorite Blue Jays all time : Delgado, Wells and Halladay. Boring patches but a nice and simple design, SN 66/75

And finally, a lot of Knicks GU that I got for$10 (there were 12 cards, I didn't scan them all) :

Renaldo Balkman wasn't memorable as a Knick, but that three color patch looks nice. The problem is that since I'm used to the mid- 90s collecting ways, I tend to try and get each and every card I find of the teams and players I collect. Maybe I should be more selective. And focus on players who actually played for the teams in question.

But then again, where's the fun in that ?


  1. SP Signature Editions are nice cards. You can't beat an on card auto.

    That Balkman is a beautiful card. Knicks jerseys make for nice patches. I have a All Star patch card from last years Triple Threads that looks like that since the game was played at Citi Field.

    1. it's a good thing you like the SP signature cards *hint hint*

      and I agree with you, Knicks patches can be really nice !