Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Box Break part II : the French return with a vengeance. Well, sort of

As you all know, Matt and I have put this box breaking trade in place. Each month, we choose a box or two, draft some teams and we take turns hosting the break and sending the cards. That way, no money is exchanged. Easy way to get trade bait and to have fun.

Well, it was my turn. I did have a lot of fun opening 24 packs of 2005 Throwback threads and 2013 Hometown Heroes (see Panini, I do like you after all). As far as trade bait is concerned...well, that's another story altogether.

There was one hit in the box, and it went to Matt. Strangely enough, I was relieved, as I got the better part of his break last time around ! I'm so unselfish, it's touching. Which is why I only have those inserts to show. Hobby boxes yield 3 autos, apparently, so I must have had the retail version. Considering I paid something like $15 for it, it makes a lot of sense.

And those. But at least I got a Joe Carter for my PC.
I do like the base cards, as a matter of fact. And there wasn't a single duplicate in the whole box, so good for them.

I was very, very excited about Throwback Threads. I really like their relics, and there are soooooo many of them in this set, it got me dizzy just looking at the checklist. I started daydreaming. I'd see us both diving in tons and tons of Throwback hits, like Uncle Scrooge in his vault. Except here's what I got :

This is just plain cruel. You can tell by the size of packs which ones are supposed to contain a hit card. So they try to fool those who are cherry picking with those blank thick cards. The 24 packs I got didn't come from a box, so I can't help but wonder if the boxes had been searched or the packs just put aside once the hits had been pulled. But I'll trust Dave & Adam's on this, I don't think it's the kind of thing they'd do. It's just part of the game...sometimes you just end up paying a fee to jump in an empty swimming pool.

There were some numbered inserts, though. Even Beckett acknowledges that those are worth nothing, but they still look nice and hey, a Frank Thomas for my Pc ! yay.

and finally a couple more inserts I have nothing to write about.

So there you go. It was fun, but very disappointing. Next time, I'll try to choose my options better and go for a hits oriented product, instead of trying to get the best deal possible. Because those are often too good to be true.


  1. Love the throwback Sox jersey on that Big Hurt insert!

    1. you've developed quite an eye for those things !

  2. I'm glad you pulled me an auto! You still got a few nice cards. The Big Hurt was cool.

  3. pretty nice blank backs you pulled. Vengeance? I tremble.