Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blabbin' n bloggin' 'bout Bob's box break

As you guys might have seen on Matt's post the other day , we decided to take our friendship to the next level. No, not THAT kind of level, but we've still become quite the pen-pals and often talk about the hobby and about ways to make it even more fun for us. One of Matt's ideas was to have box breaks between us. We'd simply draft teams and pick one or two boxes each month, taking turns of course. No money exchanges hands, we simply set limits in terms of value of the boxes and we start ripping packs ! It's all about having fun, of course, but also an easy way of accumulating trade bait.

Matt was the first to pick out boxes. He opted for 2006 Ovation and 2013 Topps Mini. The least we can say is that I got the better end of the breaks, even though he did pull a printing plate. I've never pulled one in a pack, I wonder what it feels like.

Ok, let's see what I got with my half of the teams.

I didn't own any of those mini Blue jays, so yay. Though between mini, flagship and opening day, some of these photos are getting old.

The usual inserts. The design on those Chasing history inserts are actually pretty nice.

First hit !

Second hit, numbered out of 62

A couple of low numbered real hits (pink parallels are numbered out of 25). I got lucky getting that Buehrle for my PC

Next up, please stand up for Ovation !

 The base cards, which I have always liked a lot because of how they magically feel like a real baseball.

Some cute inserts.

The first hit of the box (basically, I got all the hits from Ovation. Sorry Matt !). It's safe to say this one is headed Brian's way if he wants it.

And finally, the main hit of the break :

This is a very, very cool auto, I absolutely love it ! Plus, it's a player I've always liked. He didn't put up fancy numbers, as he mainly retired batters on ground balls, but he used to be solid.

The boxes for my turn should be here early next week (I can't get mine in 24h !) and will show them in due time. I'm officially very excited about this ! Let's all keep having fun, in one way or another.


  1. I love the look of those pink mini parallels.

  2. Nice Yanks! Zippy Zappy may need that Kuroda.

  3. You couldn't have asked for better parallels. A PC guy and plus a Yankee and Red Sox.

    I'm just glad we hit some notable cards. That Wang auto is sweet.