Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My secret Santa delivered overseas

I knew Santa would probably be too busy to make the trip all over to Europe, so I told him it was ok to stop near Pittsburgh instead, that the cards would find their way to me eventually. I was way too eager to participate in Matt's awesome Secret Santa to let it pass me by this year (I missed it last year because, well, my life gets quite busy with the end of the year, because books don't sell themselves and I have to be a Santa to a lot of people so they won't all end up with 50 shades of gray in their stockings). In order for my Secret Santa not to wish he'd never entered after pulling my name, Matt agreed to hold the cards for me.

So yay, more cards !

Adam from Arpsmith's sportscard obsession  got stuck with me, and from the pics Matt sent me, he did a great job !

A nice design from a fan favorite and a brand favorite

More autos !

Another nice Blue Jays auto, and a great Griffey medallion.

Metal definitely gave us some of the strangest card designs out there. This one is almost normal !

Nothing says Merry Christmas and a big thank you to Adam like a Snoopy all dressed up for winter.