Sunday, March 29, 2015

Plenty of wood to satisfy everybody

Well, this is the final haul from my ebay binge shopping from the past three months. The last one I showed took a week to get here, whereas this one was sent a month earlier by Comc also. Go figure. Anyway, as always, there's a little bit of everything, depending on cost, shipping charges and whatever a certain seller would carry that I could add to lower said shipping charges.

I'm very excited about that card. My first Campy, and it's from a great looking set (I wonder how high it'll be in Night Owl's countdown). Not the sharpest of conditions, but as you know by now, I don't really care about that. My collection really isn't about value at all (though it's always nice to know your cards aren't worthless, but I don't see it as an investment). It's about rekindling with baseball history and my adolescent years (No, I wasn't around when Campanella played, my sentence is simply poorly phrased. Let's all blame the fact that my first language is French, and leave it at that)

Another Mays. The third in my collection, after the 1960 and 1965.

Some more Brooks Robinson (yeah, I'm pretty much chasing all of his base cards), including a second year one. Those two we sold together and cost me $8 shipped, so I'm happy about that.

(not so) random BLue Jays autos. I'm always happy to add one of those Fan Favorites autos. It'll be tough finding the Olerud and the Mc Griff for cheap (I try not to spend more than $10 on modern cards, including autos), but you never know. I'm confused as to why you'd call a collection 'co-signers' and have a 'solo sigs' subset.

Giant, low numbered patch ! (when is a number considered low, by the way ?)

This is one of those refractors that always confuse me. Though this one is Sepia. I know this because it's SN /99, and those are the sepias. Also, I have to admit that it does look sepia. Granted. I still think they should clearly identify them on the backs of the cards.

PC purchases. That Griffey is actually made of plastic, not cardboard, and is SN /3250 (that, for example, is NOT low numbered)

Completely random purchases. Then again, I love those A&G framed minis and also like Swisher a lot. But I've never really cared for Luis Gonzalez. I just really liked the card and didn't think I'd win with a .99 cts opening bid.

I always have an eye out for Red Sox cards, so I'll have trade bait for Mark Hoyle. But I'll hold onto those for a little bit, simply because they're great looking cards.

I'm a big Ted Williams fan. And that card is made out of wood (seems like I got a lot of bat relics and just wood in general. I wonder if I'm over-compensating for something), which adds to the fun. And how can you not be a Gary Carter fan ?

Finally, same as the other day, another Black signature auto. With a budget under $10, you can't expect big names...Magic an Jordan will have to wait.

So there you go...We'll see how long I'm able to stay away from Ebay and Comc. Not too long, as I'll need to always accumulate trade bait for my steady trade partners, but it's ok. It's under control.

For now.


  1. Campy, Willie and Brooks. Great vintage. The wooden Splinter card is pretty unique

  2. Beautiful vintage! I only wish I looked that good! I remember when #/5000 was considered low. Days long gone by...

  3. I am jealous of that Fisk. Great cards.

  4. I like Swisher too. He is from West Virginia!

    That Campy is very nice. Quality eBay binge!