Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trade post #8760980986 : Bob Walk the plank

Along with the contents of our first ever transatlantic box break, Matt also sent some Blue Jays for our ongoing trading bouts. It's of course gotten to a point where we each try to outdo one another (as is often the case with blind trades, which is why I love them so much). And boy did Matt send yet another terrific bunch of cards my way.

I love those throwback threads. Great looking cards. Nice thread there for my new Mega Gold Glovers PC !

The hunt for 2015 parallels begins ! This one is low numbered : 20/50

I think I'm now only missing a couple of relics to complete the series 1 Blue Jays master set. Thanks for making that task easy, Topps.

Delgado on-card auto !! I only own his 96 Leaf signature series auto, and I got it in a trade 15 years ago. I'm very excited about that card, as Delgado autos hardly ever come cheap (well, for me anyway) and there aren't that many around.

One of my favorite Blue Jays, and my first auto of his. And a great one at that. I had to look up the difference between blue, green and red autos for the Donruss Signature series, and if I understand correctly, the first 100 cards are the blue ones, and the next 100 cards signed are the green ones. Awesome card.

I hate prizm with all my heart, and yet I really like that card. Simply because it's numbered 37/42 and that there are little 42s everywhere. And, as you all know, 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

And finally, a nice patch and a nice card and another low numbered serial of one of my favorite players as well.

Matt, you once again outdid yourself, so thanks a lot ! But I got a few cards up my sleeve...


  1. fantastic cards from Matt! I love pretty, shiny, shimmering blue foil so am quite fond of the Blue 42 prizms in all my favorite players.

  2. Autographics is one of my favorite auto subsets. On card and simple. The way it should be.

    I'm going to continue and troll you with Prizm cards!