Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The numbers game

I stink at maths. I always have. Mainly because I decided around 14 years old, when it started getting more complicated at school, that I simply didn't understand it. The truth was more that I just didn't want to study maths and completely forgot to make any effort. It was very convenient.

But the truth is that I love baseball because I love statistics. Same reason why I got into poker (like everybody else) some 12 years ago. I wouldn't do the maths in my head (because I'm not that smart), but I did know every probability possible depending on every configuration possible. All I had to do then was calculate pot odds, which is in my ballpark.

As for baseball statistics, I'd never be able to devise any (again, not that smart), but I love looking at all those numbers. I remember looking very closely at box scores in the paper when I first learned about the game. Much more interesting than basketball or football stats.

So when I heard about that book, I knew I needed it right away. And I received it today. I'm psyched. Can't wait to read it !