Want list

That page was way out of date, so I erased everything (yeah, I'm an impulsive guy, what can I say).

I'm pretty good with 80s and 90s Blue Jays cards and those from 2013 to 2015. Always missing a bunch of hits, of course, so those are always welcome.

There are many, many players I collect, mainly those with defensive skills. It's very easy to find cards from these players that I need, as I usually don't have more than 100 cards of a given player (except Griffey, that would be closer to 1 000 cards).

I also enjoy any beaten up vintage card, especially from 1955 and before.

Don't hesitate to set up a trade !


  1. I'll look through my cards over the next week for anything you have listed here. I'm traveling over the weekend so it will be the end of next week before cards hit the mail. :)

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  3. Do you have the 1993 OPC World Champions set? I have a second full set..

  4. Well, we've both updated our wanted pages. I deleted all mine too but did add some set needs. I came over to refresh my memory. I think the box heading your way shortly will contain a good lot of new cards for you. Now that it's full, I'm not going through it. ;) It ships next week.