Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The usual ebay suspects

Today, I received a box full of goodies sent from my good friends at Comc. Yes, I consider like friends. I don't know if they'd drive me to the airport, but I like to think they would. We're tight like that.

As usual, I got some stuff directly from Comc, and some other cards that I won off ebay.
As usual (bis), I'll start with.....VINTAGE !

I want as many Brooks Robinson cards as possible, starting with his playing days. The good news is that even his older cards can be found for a few dollars. This one cost me $5, and I've got the 1958, 1960 and 1961 issues headed my way (yay).

 A third year Reggie. Does anyone actually try to put together a mint 1971 set ?

Woohooo, it's 1972 !! Including Mays' last card as a Giants. Those last four were less than $3 each.

 I am very, very happy to finally be adding this card to my collection. I've been chasing it for a while now, but I always got outbid while sleeping (this is unfair, ebay should have a rule against that). I didn't want to spend more than $12 on it (no reason in particular, I just like setting challenges to myself. It keeps me awake during auctions), so I just waited for the right moment and the poorest condition available (but still presentable). And tadah, $11 later, it's mine. One of the most iconic cards, in my opinion, from one of the most important years in baseball.

Now THAT'S a play at the plate.

Next up : the best insert set ever. It took me 20 years, but I've finally completed it. Life is so much simpler with money and the internet...

 That Winfield is actually also a Blue Jays card. I'll keep it in my 93 Upper Deck binder though. He'll live.

Again : not a fan of Panini. But I like those Immaculate cards a lot. Especially for 99 cts each.

Remember how I mentioned that I absolutely love those All time favorites autos ? Well, I wasn't lying. Now, if I can just get my hands on the Blue Jays Olerud one...

I don't really understand that set. No logos, no photos, just sticker autos (that would make a good jingle). I wonder if anyone bought those ? They're still fun to collect though (so I'll take that as a yes)

See how much better an auto looks like when it's free from its sticker prison ? Look at that exuberance. It's absolutely perfect. Topps Tribute can hardly ever be found for cheap, so I'm happy I got that one for $4.

It doesn't really show, but that card looks very nice in person. It's acetate and hefty and just plain cool. Too bad the auto is a little faded (what did they think ? It's plastic). Still a nice addition, and yes, I'm aware that Isiah Thomas never played for the Knicks. He could've, though, considering his style of play and hatred of the Bulls.

Raymond Felton left the ship at the right time. He won't play as much in Dallas, though.

So there you go ! Whole buncha pickups from a little bit everywhere and everything.Just like I love it.


  1. I ranked the Cobb as the best modern card of all-time on my blog a couple years ago. I think my feelings are still the same. Great, great haul!

  2. 2012 SP Signature Edition, nothing but one giant sticker dump.

  3. The Masterpiece is my fave Cobb card. I own two different versions. As for Then and Now, I've said many times - it's the set that started it all for me. I actually had a couple to send in my next mailing to you. Now I spose I'll keep them for myself. Darn.