Monday, March 9, 2015

Uncompleted trade with Brian

Less than a week after receiving a return package from Brian, he hit me back with another great stack of cards (and is planning on sending this week my winnings from the group trade he hosted this week-end). It's not easy keeping up with him, but as soon as I get the cards I ordered a little bit everywhere, I'll retaliate.

The thing I really like about Brian is that you can tell he's enjoying this. Sometimes, I'll look at my cards and think how silly it is to spend so much on so little. It's mostly uninspired pieces of cardboard, we need to face the hard truth. But there are so many glimpses of fun and awesomeness that it makes it worth it. And Brian (along with many others) puts so much thought into his trade packages, that it quite simply makes me happy. Yes, I'm a corny cheesy 37 year old card collector from France. Maybe I need to start a 12 step program.

That Vic Janowicz card was sent to me for a very specific reason (Brian included a note about that) : he's the only Mlb player ever to have won the Heisman trophy, besides Bo Jackson. Actually, even though he only played for a couple of seasons with the Pirates (sorry Matt, this one stays in my collection !), they have another thing in common : their low BA.
 Brian was obviously paying attention when I introduced my new PC (Gold Glovers). This amazing cad of Brooks Robinson was very high on my wantlist. It was actually in my Comc shopping cart.

Two other beautiful cards. And it's not everyday that I say this about Fleer cards from 2000-on. You can't tell from the scan, but the picture is actually framed. Apparently, only 700 sets were made, even though it's not SN. The Aparicio is in great condition too ! My first base card of his.

 A couple of Bo needs (weird that I didn't have that 90 UD).

Somme Griffeys, including two early ones. Favorites of mine, actually.

Plenty of Blue Jays needs also, including an Ames oddball, a regular issue Joe Carter that I can't believe I was missing, some parallels and an 83 Diamond King

 Those are a little sneakier. The first one is obvious, as it's technically an Angels card (but still headed for my Blue Jays binders). The other two need to be flipped over.

Ooooooh. Exhibition Stadium ! And oooooooh, O-Pee-Chee !

Also included was the almost complete 93 SP team set, including the Morris, Olerud and Alomar that I was missing, and a copy of that disturbing Pat Borders card. He's bleeding heavily ? sure, let's slap it on a card ! I'm glad they did, though, makes for a great card.

It didn't scan well, but this is a Refractor, SN out of 199. I have no idea what kind of refractor it is, they always confuse me. I'll take my chances and state it's the base refractor, but what do I know ?

 I love that Sportsflic card. You can't tell, but the other player on the card is Delgado. Two of the best (if not the best) young catchers at the time (96). A nice Billy Koch prospect auto. He did play a few years for the Blue Jays, with some good numbers. I suspect the people of Best to have named their card company that way just so they could write this on the back of their cards and in their ads :

"The best card company". Hilarious.

Brian also sent me a few unopened wax packs : 92 Upper Deck (one of my favorite sets, because it was my very first baseball box that I ripped open), 89 Fleer (voted most likely to be rapidly forgotten at the time) and a couple of  recent Triple Play. As always, those were fun to open !

The Ryan Bowen is a card that I've always loved. It's so improbable.

And to fully round out that trade package, there was that Ewing card that I didn't have in my collection. And I have a lot of Knicks cards from the late 80s/early 90s !

Thanks again Brian, I accept the challenge of trying to keep up pace with you !


  1. Awesome! It's fun to find stuff to fill a team bag or two, especially when the list is expanded beyond a single team. I think I have about 5 copies of that 1990 Bo Jackson, 4 of which came in a row in a re-pack. It was surreal. Bo Knows collation issues!

  2. You are right about Brian. He just got me for the second time recently as well. Fun guy to trade with.

  3. Looks like fun trading with Brian! 93 SP is one of my fave sets. The 90s weren't all bad, just overpriced. COMC is fun shopping for some of the 90s missing from my collection. Problem is I don't realize they're missing til I see them!