Sunday, January 3, 2021

Checking in

 Hey everyone !

I've been staying away from blogging and reading blogs (for a lot of various reasons mainsly connected to life, I suppose), but I still miss you all (you know who you are) and hope you're doing good and ready to tacle a brand new year ! (yay)

I subscribe to a digital magazine service, and was reading the latest Beckett issues, and they actually made me mad. Because the content is really poor, for one, but also because of the insane prices that are advertised in it. It's 96 all over again. Beckett used to bring me joy....

I'm a little bummed, here in France. I used to enjoy getting a few boxes a year, a hanger pack here and there, some 7 or 8 pack boxes and something nice for our year long box breaks with Matt and Brian. I'd buy on Ebay trade fodder to make my trading partners happy, and all was well.

But now, I'm priced out.
I traditionaly congratulate myself on a job well done in December at the book store with a start of the year binge, but there's really nothing I can buy, and I refuse to pay over $100 for a box of flagship, or $3 packs in blaster boxes. It's close to x2 compared to a couple of years ago. Even old 90s boxes with nothing much to be found in them are twice as expensive as before (and basketball is a real joke).

 Prices on Comc seem stable enough. I actually bought some cards yesterday. ETA is May. That's 5 months from now, for those counting. The good news is that I'll have completely forgotten ordering cards by then and they'll come as a total surprise.


I suppose flea markets and card shows are a no-no right now in the US, but I wonder if there'll be a revival there too ? 

Anyway, I was wondering how everybody was living this newfound popularity ? Is there excitement ? Resentment ? Impatience ? Are you selling your collection and cashing in ? (not really the blogging mentality, but who knows?) Has it affected trading ?