Sunday, March 8, 2015

Number 5 000

Well, it's a feat nobody in baseball ever achieved : reaching 5 000. Not Pete Rose, not Ty Cobb, nobody.

But I did.
Thanks to the all around trading that's been going on lately around the globe, I reached the milestone : 5 000 different Blue Jays cards. That's 3 000 more than what I had when I started this blog.

So thank you everybody. AJ and Chris helped a lot this week getting there (thanks guys !), but it's Brian who gets all the balloons and confetti with that card :

I should probably have it encased.

This sure has been fun. I already did a 4 000th card post, so I know I'm yet another broken record, but it's not my fault if I keep piling up milestones. I'm not sure 10 000 is possible, but I'll take a crack at it. One card at a time.