Monday, April 18, 2016

Wes passes to Matt who passes to me who passes to Wes

A long time ago, Wes sent cards for me. To Matt. Who then forwarded them to me. A nice love triangle if you ask me. In any case, as always, Wes put together a very thoughtful package filled with hits and parallels and a little bit of everything. There were many more, but I'll be showing the ones I needed for my collection !

Those Immaculate cards, logoless and all, are really nice looking. Goes to show that Panini are actually capable of coming up with nice designs once in a while. I also love those Delgados.

Autos ! Including a TTM or IP, I don't know. Bowman issues always confuse the heck out of me, plus I never know who the players are, but that Reid-Foley auto is quite cool !

Parallels ! Most are serial numbered, including that first black one numbered 3/5 !

Issues from before my collecting days ! and yay, early Leaf !

Beautiful nineties cards from my collecting days. Those Mc Donald's Baseball's Best cards look really sharp, and Pinnacle sure knew how to make inserts back then. I don't hate Topps Embossed, but those gold foil cards were a very bad idea...

The collecting Bermuda triangle of 2000's....

Mini cards !

And finally, cards from the past few years. Always nice to receive some Museum Collection in trades, as I'll never ever bust a box open (I'm not the #SUPERTRADER Wes is)

Thanks again Wes and Matt for your combined generosity ! I have a couple really nice cards (I hope) to send your soon as they'll have crossed the Atlantic Ocean to get to me !

Monday, April 4, 2016

Sometimes trade stacks just fall

So something funny happened on my way to my desk.
I had a pile of cards waiting to be scanned and shown here, and all of a sudden, I decided it would be a good idea to just make it fall. To the ground. Where it all got mixed up. The problem, you see, is that I had several trade packages on that pile. Which means that now I have no idea who sent me what. So I'll just write one post that will include all cards, and apologize to The Italian Completist and to Jeff from I wish they still came with bubble gum who were nice enough to send me all this and whom I can't properly thank !

Ah well.
Those things happen.
That will teach me not to be so far behind on my trade posts. Sorry guys !

Oh, and on a side note, I've been dancing and jumping up and down since yesterday to celebrate the true beginning of spring. It's about time !

 It's always fun to receive oddballs or other objects that have to do with your collection. Here's a spring training ticket from last year !

 Old Topps needs

An on card auto of what appears to be a big prospect, now with the Tigers (in the Norris deal) and more prospects. I really like that hypnotizing Delgado, and this is my first Slurpee coin.

Gold Glovers, Big Hurt, Bo and Winfield ! Some really nice cards in the mix from the last 30 years

 Building those sets one card at a time, thanks to bloggers' generosity

While I'm at it, Matt forwarded me some cards sent to him by Brian from Play at the plate (#SUPERTRADERS). There was also a stack of (awesome) cards sent by Wes, that I'll be showing off in a separate post.
 A little bit of everything there, all are appreciated (yes, even those ugly Classic cards, that actually look better than modern day Donruss. Which says a lot)!

Stickers and a Mets uniform. But it's ok, it's a player I really like and I agree, he looks better wearing Blue Jays colors. Plus, it's the first time I see one of those Fleer Brilliants cards, and they look nice !

Thanks a lot Brian for thinking of me ! And thanks again Matt for serving as the middle man.