Thursday, March 19, 2015

Christmas in March : a Panini tradition

Last winter, I won a contest at 2x3 Heroes. I was very proud. It took a lot of skills to be able to comment, say hi, and have my name randomly selected. It's still the first contest I've ever won. Then again, I don't enter that many, because I always feel bad that the person then might have to ship out free cards to France. But this time, I'm really glad I did, as I won a hefty stack of basketball cards from the last couple of years. Jeff also included some Blue Jays for my collection (thanks !) and a card I had claimed as part of his Christmas giveaway. A few weeks and a flat rate box packed full later, it's Christmas all over again.

This is the card I claimed. I used to make fun of patches. I didn't understand them. Now I can't stay away from them. I'm drawn. I don't get it. Those things are powerful.

One of the very few remaining base cards of Alomar that I still needed. Plus it's a Stadium Club !

A&G SP !

This was one crazy idea. I wonder if people actually collected that set.

Various Blue Jays needs from various brands and eras. This happens to be my very first 91 O Pee Chee.This might just be cause for celebration.

This took care of some of my 2008 UD needs

I won't scan the 150 basketball cards Jeff was kind enough to send me, and even though I'm very grateful for them (I really am), I can't help but wonder why people would give their money to Panini. Some of their high-end cards are nice, but their 'base brands' are terrible. Hoops did a good job with the design this year and the action shots (this is basketball after all, there should only be action shots), but they tend to forget that cards are two-sided. To illustrate this, here are the backs from Hoops. One is from last year's issue, the other one from this year's.

Remember when we could tell a set from the back of the cards ? Not anymore.
Oh wait, there IS that black lining on the top and bottom. My bad. And the Panini logo did change places. I apologize for saying that Panini design the worst backs in the history of spots cards, and that includes old tobacco cards. Then again, they are used to producing stickers, after all

And even when they do include a photo on the back, they re-use the one from the front. And I hate that. HATE IT.

Anyway, thanks a lot Jeff for the cards, even if I always hate on Panini, I had a blast sorting through all of them. I'll have some White Sox ready for you real soon !


  1. John Mcdonald managed to be in the league something like 15 years. I feel like he slipped through the cracks or something. Seems that I could find a AAA player somewhere that could have been better than him. He had a short stint with the Pirates and was horrible.

  2. Among the other reasons to hate on Panini, I really dislike that they put so little effort into the backs of the lower end products. Completely an after thought. Yeah - you don't have to go all multi color crazy, but come on. Think a little, would ya?

  3. I have the same Irvin patch. I collect all the manu-patches featuring retired players and just a few current players if the patch is cool. Yes, I got sucked in too! I started buying them in large lots on Ebay when I could get them for less than $3 each shipped. Careful which Jays you purchase, I have a couple for ya. ;)