Thursday, October 30, 2014

Judging by numbers

I don't know about you, but I love stats.
The one thing that fascinated me about cards when I found out they existed, were the little numbers on the back. I HAD to know what they stood for. Even if it meant learning the rules of that crazy baseball game.

I digress, but there's a french tv network that decided to show the World Series. First time ever.Turns out that I subscribe to that network (they also show NBA and NFL, so they get my money), so I could check it out, even though I subscribe also to MLBTV. It's very weird to hear french comments with french nouns for everything (strikes, balls, plate, base, fly out, shortstop, bat...all those things are translated. Hugh), but it's still better than having to listen to Joe Buck.

Anyway, the last day of the world series is always a sad day and here we are, stuck with autumn and winter and that horrible Knicks team and sub-par Giants (I don't follow the NHL like I used to, so I don't know how the Maple Leafs, Rangers (though I know they went to the Stanley Cup finals) and Islanders (do people root for the Islanders ? Do the Islanders still exist ?) are doing). So I'll cheer myself up by looking at my own stats. Warning : this is going to bore the crap out of you, but it's going to be fun for me to write up.
So. Yeah. Sorry.

Trades : so far, I've sent 10 packages. This means as many trips to the post office, as PWE are out of the question (not sure they'd survive the plae ride !). My post office is open 4 hours per day. During my working hours. Very convenient. But hey, you guys deserve the effort ! So far i've received 5 great packages in return.

Cards : I own 19 317 different baseball cards and 4542 duplicates (yes, I counted them.Don't judge me). 6 123 Basketball cards (1 000 dupes), 245 Football, 279 Hockey.

Brands : 38% of my baseball cards are from Upper Deck. 24 % Topps , 9% Stadium Club, 6% FLeer. Bowman is 1%

Years : I have 2 cards from the 50s. and 2 cards from the 60s. 28 from the 70s, but all are Blue Jays. 989 from the 80s. My biggest year is 1993 with 2326 cards followed by 94 with 2190. I only have 148 cards from 2001, which is crazy, especially considering that 63% are Blue Jays cards, and 186 from 2007. I have exactly two times more cards from 2013 as from 2014 (696 and 348).

Blue Jays : I have 3747 different blue jays cards. That's 19.4% of my collection. They only make up 9.5% of my Upper Deck cards, 8% of Stadium Club and 15% of Pinnacle. This shows the brands I buy packs and boxes of. It's 43% of FLeer, 38% of Donruss and....79% of Bowman. This shows the brands I don't buy.

Timeline : In June/July, I added 9 000 cards to my collection, opened 400 packs of cards and put 190 new Blue Jays in my binders.
August : 3060 cards, 953 Blue Jays, 159 Knicks and....1 332 duplicates to go with 64 packs.
September : 2 300 cards, 423 Blue Jays, 165 Knicks, 844 duplicates and 84 packs
October (with one day left !) : 1133 cards, 207 blue jays, 6 Knicks, 20 duplicates (yeah, I stopped buying lots) and 172 packs (that was fun).

As for my budget, well, I won't go into details, but it's not that high, and it's been the same for the past 3 months. I'd rather not witness the slippery slope of going over budget.

Followers : 33 (thanks a lot for reading !)

Great people I've met thanks to my blog : too many to count

People who'll read that last sentence : well...


  1. You are adding cards at a great rate. I really need to look through some old boxes to see if I have some Knicks for you. I went through a basketball faze when I was a pack opening machine in the early to mid 2000's.

  2. faze=phase. what the heck happened there.....

  3. I have almost none from that period, so yeah, it'd be great !

  4. WOW - you come across like an old-timer around these here parts. (That's with a Texas twang.) ;) Had no idea I was one of your early traders. I'm honored. Let's do it again!