Friday, October 10, 2014

October packing

Well, that was fun !

It took me a couple of hours to open all this and to get my monthly fix of baseball packs. I can now wait until the month of november, the most non-baseball month of them all.

I'll start by showing off what I got in the 2012 Goodwin box, and then the 08 UD A piece of history one. Yay !

Goodwin : 12 packs, 4 cards per pack
I got it for cheap and was just curious to see what Upper Deck was doing nowadays without a licence. Well, not much. They're so awful that it makes it real fun to look closely at them.

The five minis (advertised on the blaster box) I got are definitely basketball oriented. The David Robinson one is actually pretty nice. As nice as Bird's shirt is yellow.

I don't even know where to begin with those two cards. It's not even the mustaches (trademarks for both players and even a source of debate for Mattingly). Maybe the haircuts. Probably the outfits. Or just the smirks.

Basketball players just want to have fun too.

Another creepy 'art' piece. Must be the tie.

You know what ? I actually like that one. Slab me a Black Sox logo on that card and we've got a winner.

And then, out of nowhere, a glossy insert. One with a military machine on it. Okay. Not much of a military machine guy, but I suppose it makes sense to include that in the middle of a whole bunch of past and present sports people. I'm sure that in the 1890's, pictures with helicopters on them would've been a huge hit among tobacco lovers.

Next up, 2008 UD A piece of history. 24 packs, 5 cards per pack.
I strongly believe that packs should contain a minimum of 8 cards. It's an arbitrary number, but I stand by it. Used to be 15, then a more common 12, then 8. 5 or 6 is just too few. It's half a pack to me, so they should be half price.
Anyway, the base set is ok. Nothing fancy so I'll just scan a few players I like, plus half the set is made of rookie cards. And I don't care much for rookie cards, except for significant players who'll only have one true non-Bowman RC.

See, I added the scan of the Louisiana purchase card. Remember that it was a bargain that the French empire gave you. We were nice that way. It wasn't as cheap as Manhattan, but close enough.

A couple inserts. The first one shows that it's not because you slab a serial on it that it makes it a cool card.The second one is from that Yankee legacy insert set of over 6 000 (6 000 !!) cards. I got 5 of those, and I really wonder if anybody tried to piece it together.

I'm not a big Jim Thome fan, but that relic looks really nice.

This is officially the most bizarre card of my entire collection. A shirt worn by Jack Nicholson, hopefully while saying in a very upclose shot that You can't handle the truth. I would've prefered a Scarlett Johansson undershirt, as it would've allowed me to try and clone her, but ah well. That super thick Nicholson will do.

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  1. Totally agree with you on the chintzy card packs but don't we all. You're definitely preaching to the choir.