Sunday, November 2, 2014

Y2K bug

Ok, let's keep exploring the inserts/oddballs lot I got off ebay. This time, we'll explore the years 2000-2010.

Well, lookey here, the market's collapsed and I wasn't there to witness it. Probably why it collapsed anyway...since there are only hardcore collectors left, card companies cater to them. It's all about high end cards, serial numbered, autographs, game used, hall of famers and $200 boxes. Or $200 packs. With one card per pack. Yay. Let's all gamble. And for those who don't have the money but who somehow stuck around because they love the smell of napalm cards in the morning, they still get a few inserts and some parallel cards.

The Raul Mondesi is a real problem in itself. He's in a Blue Jays uniform, but they put the Yankees logo on there, and on the back they say he plays for the division rivals. I am torn and conflicted. Then again, all it takes for a card to make it in my collection is to have either a player in a Blue Jays uniform, or the team's logo. But (moon)shot.

That's a fun card (I scanned the front and the back). It took me a while to realize that it wasn't a piece of the moon, but a piece of a base. It must be fun to cut up a base. I hope they do it by hand.

Some shiny serial numbered cards. 07/50, 342/500 and 116/2000.

Some non shiny serial numbered cards. The John Sneed is my first Tek acetate card. Did people actually collect those ? They look even more confusing than Flair Showcase.

I wasn't able to track down that card. It looks like a promo card. And it's numbered to 55. Which must amount to the number of LCS still open in the country, I suppose. Always nice to have a Molitor serial.

 Some serial numbered cards on the front. The Halladay card, as most of you probably know, is a Future Stars, from Upper Deck. How on earth am I supposed to know what the set is ? Nowhere is the name 'Future Stars' written. I used to love you, Upper Deck, but you also confuse me.

Some boring parallels of boring cards. Snider looks like he's 18 on that card, which is preciseluse he is 18 on that card. And did Total really need a parallel set ?

I'm tired of all the Topps parallels, but I do like the original Topps Gold. Plus, it's a great idea to serial number them according to the year of release. Nice idea.


  1. I had a ton of those Studio Portrait cards. I think I've distributed them all around the blogosphere. That grip it and rip it card is awesome.

  2. Studio Portraits - love the look of those. All I've seen since returning to the hobby this past summer tells me not much has changed since I left in 2002. Still too many parallels, terrible collation - and all under one name.