Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big fat piece of mail

Today I received a little package.
Well, maybe they kind of overdid it with the packaging, but at least it got there

I'm a print person (has to do with my job. Once again, I'll write about it someday !). Digital just doesn't do it for me. I found some great ressources for checklists thanks to fellow bloggers, but I just like to browse through massive listings to know what's been out there for the past 16 years.
It's daunting.
It might even scare me off.
But I'll still look at every single page in there !
Not for the pricings, I don't care much about them, and it's quite simple to find the true value of a card and what it really sells for. But more for visuals and references.

Let's dig in !

What do you guys use to track down cards ?


  1. I use a combination of Trading Card Database (, which is all cards and not just sports), eBay, sometimes Beckett online, and sometimes Zistle. Perhaps I'm just drawn to their wood-grain paneling, but I like Trading Card DB better than Zistle.

    1. trading card db is my source for my BLue jays wantlist. There isn't everything, but it's a start and it covers most of what I need. Their basketball checklist isn't near as complete, though

  2. I also have one of those Beckett Almanacs, although mine is from 2008. Aside from being a bit outdated, I've found it a great recourse for ID'ing lots of different cards, especially oddballs and such. Stay away from book values though!

    1. You'll notice that mine is from 2011. I didn't go for the more recent ones...(I have the July monthly beckett for that). Yeah, book value can be convenient when trading for somewhat valuable cards, but other than that, I'll hardly ever buy a card that's listed at low bv, let alone high...

  3. I really enjoy the Beckett Almanac as a reference for all that's odd and quirky. I have the first two volumes they produced. Time for a new one, I think! I've just begun using Zistle and also have Beckett Online access. As far as pricing goes, I basically ask myself, "what is this card worth to me?"