Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pour qui sont ces serpents qui sifflent

(try saying the title outloud, you'll see, it's fun)

Next up from my octoberfest feast is a 24 pack box (6 cards per pack) of 2003 Stadium Club. 125 card checklist, including 25 future stars, with apparently 2 different photos for each, depending on whether you got the Hobby or Retail version.

I'll start with the "hits" :

My usual Piazza insert (nice one though), a couple of Beam Teams and a nice Scott Rolen relic. The alliteration is nice, but he's a player I really like, even though he's not in a Blue Jays uniform yet on that one. I could live without the American flag, but any reference to Springsteen is a welcome addition.

 Inserted one per pack and printed on thicker stock, here are some of the gold parallels. I picked horizontal ones. Just because. Great pics, too.

Look at that step, look at that smile. Did he enjoy the game or what ?

Look at that smile. Did he enjoy...oops, wrong card. It's a really nice Bonds card though. Not everyday you see an intentional walk on cardboard. Fitting.

With only 100 base cards, it's logical to only get 3 Blue Jays cards in the checklist. I already had the Delgado, and am missing the Shannon Stewart now.

The usual vertical Stadium Club quality photo offering

The usual horizontal Stadium Club quality photo offering

And for once, most so-called Future Stars were actually future stars. Not a bad bunch.

I'm missing 13 cards to complete that set, and 7 cards for the 2002 Stadium club base set. I'm not a set builder per se, but I might make an exception for Stadium Club.

Ok, I only have 96 Upper Deck to show off (as if you guys don't already know this one by heart) and then we'll be done !


  1. Great set! That shot of Phil Nevin bowling over that poor infielder is one of my favorite cards ever.

  2. A Cardinals hot box! Love it.