Sunday, October 12, 2014

1999 Stadium Clubbing

1999 Stadium Club series 2 : 24 packs, 6 cards per pack.

Stadium club packs are always fun to open. You know you'll get great full bleed photography on a simple but great looking design. In 99, they didn't even bother to put the player's position or even the team name. There's a hardly visible logo on the upper left or right side, but that's it.
Randomly inserted were dual autographs, but I didn't get any.

 There was this chrome-like Sean Casey, numbered out of 150 (in 99, that was still considered very few) and yet another Piazza insert, as I seem to run into him a lot (fine by me, I even own a couple of his Mets shirts. Well, they aren't his per se, of course, I'd never steal shirts from Mike).

Those lenticular replay cards scan awfully, for obvious reasons, but they are pretty cool. The action plays before you when you tilt the card right. Not only does A-Rod bite dust, but I also got the Griffey one, so yay.

Which makes for a perfect timing to show off his great base card. We don't see the ball, but trust me, he makes the play.

This is supposed to be a Blue Jays blog, so here they are ! I needed them all, so that's good.

The people at Topps really love plays at the plate. Which alays makes for great photos. I'm pretty sure those 2 are from the same game. Possibly the same action. Notice the traces in the dust ? they look the same. Not sure how the whole play played out though, but Sandy Alomar Jr is way over his head.

Other nice pics. The composition on that Ryan Klesko one works perfectly, and I'm not too sure about Andrew Jones' timing.

Nice and green grass. I really like that Bagwell card, as you can see the Phillies runner just stopping in his tracks so he won't be forced out at second.

Shots from the overview and more dirt. The Kendall card always reminds me of the story Matt, from the great blog Bob Walk the Plank told me. Great pic nonetheless with a bonus flying helmet. A catcher sliding home to an unguarded plate.

 And sometimes, they chose a pic that just plain doesn't work. Composition is off, you don't see any of the faces, it's just a bad photo. But it's ok. I won't hold it against them. I just wish their sets were 800 cards long again...


  1. This is one of my favorite sets ever. Those plays at the plate are terrific, and I absolutely LOVE the shot on that Klesko.

  2. Those overhead shots are my personal favorite. How the heck did they get the shot for the Daal card? Simply awesome!

    1. yeah, for batters I understand, but overhead shots of pitchers are even more special !