Monday, October 20, 2014

Comc : patching up some vintage

I'm always excited when I receive a comc package. Mainly because it's as if I went to a LCS, shopped around and asked them to deliver the cards to me three weeks later, please. It gives me time to forget what I put in my cart and to act all surprised.

Last time I looked for some inserts from the 90s that I really loved. This time I went vintage for a couple of cards and real modern for the rest. I picked up some (cheap) GU/AU for my elusive team set completion, along with a couple of favorites. Except for the 52 Topps, 54 Topps and Maddux, they all cost around $2. Ok, I could get 20 singles off justcommons for the same price, but GU and AU are the new inserts, and what's modern card collecting without inserts ? It's all about variety ! And even though those pieces of cloth could very well be from the person dusting the offices of Upper Deck for all I know, they still look pretty cool in a card.

Yes, condition is Poor and it's awfully off-centered, but it's still a '52 Topps ! A low numbered one at that from a player who had a few good years. So I'm happy.

Another iconic set and another card in horrible shape. But I'll give it a good home. Love those backs.

My first Overbay auto. Ok it's a sticker auto. But still.

A nice on card auto from ALex Gonzalez.I like the autograph way more than the overall design of the card. But I love the fact that it's a 98 card, before those became way too common.

Already had a couple Lind autos (he has a whole bunch out there), but always on sticker. This one looks really great. Tier One is a classy set.

I'm not a Bowman guy, but I do like their Heritage sets. I wish they hadn't added the 'authentic game-worn jersey' text on the front.

I pulled one from a pack a few weeks ago and thought they looked great. So I chased a couple of Blue Jays. I still don't get how Halladay cards are so cheap.

Another nice looking Alex Rios card.

Couple of Delgados. I wasn't familiar wit the Topps Prestige set. It's all nice and shiny.

Frank Thomas was nice enough to come hit his 500th HR in a Blue Jays uniform (and to come and grab a few millions in the process, but that's beside the point). He only spent a little over a season in Toronto, but at least it gives me the opportunity to get some of his cards. The good thing about coming back to the hobby after so long is that you get your childhood stars' cards for much, MUCH cheaper. That card isn't the most attractive one, but I just wanted to have a Big Hurt GU in my collection.

They scanned green, but the letters are actually some kind of mirror gold colour. Great looking card. Love the SP and SPx brands.

It doesn't show, but the piece of bat is actually glued directly on the card. It's not encased, which gives it a nice embossed feel.

I've always liked Johnny Damon. Even without the long hair and beard. And I think those 2009 Goodwin look great.

I wanted a GU Maddux card, so I grabbed the best looking one I could find for cheap.

And finally, one for my Knicks collection. I think they are a little bold when saying Houston and Marbury are a Winning combo, but the card still looks great.

My Comc cart is already filled with a whole bunch of new cards to have shipped to me. Can't wait to pull the trigger !


  1. Can never go wrong adding a Maddux to the collection. Great cards!

    1. Thanks Matt ! His cards haven't gone down as much as other stars from the 90s...too bad

  2. Nice pickups! Can't go wrong with '52 Topps.

    1. yeah, I'll have to track down more of those ! and thanks, the compliment means a lot from The dime box man (heheh)