Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What on earth is a Paddywhack anyway ?

A quick note to show off a couple of KNicks cards I got off ebay. The seller happens to be from France, but it didn't keep me from paying his normal international shipping fee, which I would almost find ironic. I got the two of them for $12 shipped.

At that point, I wonder if they're still cards, considering how thick the Stoudemire is. Definitely love the orange on that patch !

The Shumpert I like because it's an on-card auto.
I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to what Panini is doing nowadays with basketball cards. They simply don't appeal to me. Those two are ok. Plus, I'm a team collector. So I collect...that's how they get ya !

I wonder how I'm going to store them...not sure they'll fit in 9 page life is so full of surprises !


  1. Those are pretty nice cards. :-)

  2. I enjoy getting some basketball cards when I get a chance. My collection only consists of players that went to my college so I don't often purchase them.