Thursday, October 23, 2014

The bold and the ugly

A couple (litteraly) of card in the mail today.

Ok, it's basketball.
Ok, it's ebay.
But for an unknown reason, I've found myself bidding on a whole bunch of cards the last couple of weeks and actually winning some. Ah well. That should teach me.

With that in mind, I DO love that Robert Horry card. Yup, he never played for the Knicks. He's not even in his famous ROckets uniform, as Upper Deck only has a College licence for its cards. But it looks incredible. THe signature is on some kind of hardwood-like surface, with some cardboard around it to give it a nice 3D feel. It's ironic that I'd get a card from someone who helped the Rockets get rid of the Knicks in seven games in 94 (aaaah, John Starks....), but I don't hold grudges. And it was pretty horrible to watch the Knicks play in those days (and last season too, but that's another story)

Nope, it's not just the scan. The card is as ugly on screen as it is in real life. Trust me. It's very glossy, very shiny and very purple.
BUT it's a Kenny "Sky" Walker card.
With a signed sticker
 And with the old logo. You gotta love it.
I watched those old Dazzling Dunks and basketball bloopers countless times in the early 90s, and he was one of the Slam Dunk contest highlight reels. Takes me way back. And that's basically what cards are for (I also won a Muggsy Bogues auto, can't wait to get it and show it off !)

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  1. That Kenny Sky Walker is an awesome card. Looking forward to seeing the Mugsy.