Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blame it on the rain

Ok, here's part II of a IV part series around the inserts/oddballs lot of Toronto Blue Jays I got off ebay.

Here we are, in the 90s. I'm 13 in 1990, full of life, listening to NWA and Public Enemy (or was it Vanilla Ice and Milli Vanilli ? let's go with the first two), learning to play basketball, not a worry in the world. And of course, as you know by now, it's during that decade exclusively that I collected cards. I followed the hobby very closely and yet, I discovered some brand new cards I had never seen before. Yay !

Here are your normal 90s inserts from Fleer and Fleer Ultra. I already had the Alomar and the Griffey from the Top Glove set, and I have to admit that I love them. Completely forgot there was also Devon in there.

Some Fleer Atlantic that are very new to me. I used to dismiss them at the time, but those 93 and 94 Fleer designs look nice.

 Food issues ! I always feel silly when I write food issues, as it makes me sound like I'm an anorexic model. Which I am quite not. My weight and food issues are perfectly in check. Anyway, unlicensed but I don't care, and the last one is from Canadian Post. Oui, perfectly, Mr Molitor eez a Frappeur Désigné. Parfaitement.

And look how cute those Kraft cards are once you unfold them ? A little player silhouette pops up. It's perfect ! Fun with cardboard....

Sample cards ! I probably already said that I have a problem with sample cards. I don't see why I have to pay for cards that were given away for free to dealers. Supply and demand can be such a whore sometimes. I don't like paying for them, but I sure like having them. Don't know what that says about me...

Some cards from Stadium Club's Club. What a bunch of snobs, creating cards through mail order just for their members. Full bleed but not a very impressive design. Molitor, Olerud, Alomar and Carter....not too shabby.

The heart of the 90s : some shiny, some foily, some die-cuty, some hologrammy, some Finesty (remember how popular Jose Cruz Jr was at that time ?)

Here we were, minding our own businesses, picking up a pack of cards from time to time, trying to find corrected errors and rookie cards when all of a sudden....PARALLELS !!
Donruss press proofs were limited to 2 000 copies, Pinnacle to 1 000 and 6 500 for the Museum collection (love the Dufex !) and the 98 DOnruss silver press proof to 1 500. None are serial numbered though.

I isolated those two because of how cool they are. Silver an gold signatures were a genius idea. Strangely enough, this is my first Blue Jay gold signature.at one per box, they aren't that easy to find. The Studio Gold (first one also, and I actually didn't know they existed) is limited to 500 copies. The equivalent of a 1/1 as far as the 90s are concerned !

Finally, a card from 98 that's a good sign of times to come. Some gloss, some foil, some embossement, some high-end brand and....a serial number ! Ok, it's an ugly one that doesn't blend in at all. And it's out of 7000. But still. Winter was coming...


  1. 1990 was my freshman year of college. A group of us bought a "You Sing the Hits of Milli Vanilli" tape at Tower Records. One of the guys had a 4-track recording system, so we cut a tape of ourselves singing "Girl You Know It's True" and "Blame It on the Rain" in redneck accents. We cracked ourselves up.

    Good times.

  2. I still laugh every time I watch the video of the recording getting stuck while they are lip singing. girl you know it ....girl you know it....girl you know it....