Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Top(ps) Stadium Club

In honor of the release of 2014 Stadium Club, I've decided to be really original and write a post about...Stadium Club.


1993 Stadium club, to be precise. Back then, it was one of my favorite brands along with Upper Deck and Leaf (the backgrounds looked really nice, and the team logos very classy). Where have all the full bleed photos gone ? Of course, newer collectors probably have no idea what Kodak means, but I'm sure they can still appreciate the awesome photography that Stadium Club brought to the hobby. I'm very happy that they brought it back. I'd rather spend $10 on a box of 92 or 93 Stadium club though than ten times more for 100 cards of 2014 Stadium Club in 3 small boxes, but that's just because I'm cheap. I haven't seen any of the new cards yet, but I'm very excited about the Beam team inserts.
I'll just wait for everybody to unload their base sets for cheap.

Anyway, in no particular order, here are my Top 10 cards from the 93 set.

Oh, and two last things. Even though they were knida overshadowed by the Finest Refractors craze that same year, the 1st day production idea was a very good one.

And Stadium Club is also responsible for one of the best early Ken Griffey Jr cards there is (ok I'm cheating, it's 1991, but the 93 release was great also) :


  1. Always the best action shots. Curious to see the 2014 version.

  2. That Randy Johnson is one of my favorite posed shots ever.

    1. pitcher with a bat....that's broken...what's not to love ? The question is : in what mini collection do you put it ?

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  4. the 93 set was/is one of my favorites. I've never attempted to complete it but do pick up cards when I see them. Thanks for sharing! I need to find that Fryman!