Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ebay : second break up

A quick post to show off a couple of memorabilia cards I got off Ebay. I'm trying to stay away from Ebay, as shipping costs are always way too high (I'm pretty sure they bump s&h prices for international customers, since I understand that you don't pay any fees on shipping when you sell stuff. I once saw some (fake) Jordan Nike for $30...with $150 to ship from China or Korea, I don't remember). But this guy was offering a $2 S&H fee for a couple of cards so I wanted to encourage him !
I'm a real philanthropist.

It's kind of stupid considering that I get a $3 flat rate on Comc, but hey, if throwing away my money is one way to enjoy the hobby, then be it. It's probably the heart of the hobby, actually.

On a totally semi-unrelated note, I'll never spend more than $15 on a relic, but I've seen some very impressive patches show up on blogs lately. And Panini Immaculate and Triple Threads are putting out insane 1/1s that carry high value. Not sure how I feel about them. They are kind of cool, but you can get so many things for a few hundred bucks...I dunno. I'd rather spend some money on a certified autographed ball or bat than on a piece of cloth embedded in cardboard.

Aaaaaaanyway : first card, a Vernon Wells AUTO from 2004 Fleer/Skybox. Simple, classic card with a nice autograph on it, numbered 93/97. I'm not a fan of the fact that they just carved the card and cut off part of the legs, but for a couple of dollars, I won't be too picky. Then again, there are so many of those cards that it's become their true value (I wonder if athletes other than HOFers charge for autographs at card shows now, other than for bats and balls ?). Still happy to add it to my collection

Second card, 2009 Spx Delgado relic. Again, nothing fancy, but I think the design works just fine. Plus, the Blue Jays and Mets are my two favorite teams, and Delgado one of my favorite players, so it can't get much better.

There you go. And this DEFINITELY is my last ebay purchase. Until next time.


  1. Those two cards are well worth the shipping costs, I think. Of course, I'm with you in that I have to force myself to stay away from eBay. Too easy to drop too much money too quickly. It's like Vegas for baseball cards.

  2. I'm still an Ebay guy. There are plenty of good deals out there but you have to be patient. I bought an old tobacco card today for $1.85 with free shipping. Also ebay closed that shipping loophole a long time ago. Fees are now based on the total including shipping. I'm with you, the higher some new cards go for the more I start thinking about what else you could buy for the same money.

    1. ah, that's good to know ! and yeah, lots of good deals, that's true, but again, international shipping is always a big factor

  3. I don't understand why there would be customs charges between US and Canada ? Isn't NAFTA there to avoid them ?

  4. The $15 rule for relics is pretty good. For the most part that will get you just about anything minus the crazy patches and the Mike Trouts/Derek Jeters of the world.