Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fun and (video) games

Since I haven't received any cards in a while (ok, it's been a few days, but you get used to getting cards every other day), though I am waiting for a few trade packages, an Ebay order (yeah yeah, I know, I tried to stay away from ebay, but it's just a couple of relics with a very low shipping fee) and my monthly boxes order (selecting cards on comc or justcommons is fun, but busting packs is even better).
Hold on, that sentence is way too long and going nowhere.
Let's start again.

I don't have any cards to show here, so I'll write more about my wonderful life. I hope you don't mind.
Really ?
Great !

In France, you can't just hold a garage or yard sale. It's against the law. People can, however, gather their junk nobody could want in their right mind,  and take it to a given place on a given date on a given table. It's what we call a 'vide-grenier'. Litteraly it means 'empty your attic'. Which would explain a lot if only it were litteral. Anyway, in 1994 I must have been bored enough to attend one of these (ok, I was actually hoping to score a few cheap Cds. Remember those ? People used to pay for them). At some point, a video game box caught my eye. It was a baseball game. I had no idea such games were available to the European market. Even on the newer video games systems, we don't get baseball games (except The Bigs). Looks like they don't want to pout out a product that will only sell a few dozen copies (if that), even though it would make me happy. You selfish fools.

I paid $5 for it. It took me forever to install it on my PC as some of the floppy disks (yes, you heard me right, floppy disks) were damaged, but I managed to do it.
Turns out it was only a demo.
I had access to only 2 teams : the Giants and the Cubs.
I could only play 3 innings.

It allowed me to better understand the rules and pitch selection. If I saw it today, the pixels would probably be as big as the Upper Deck logo and it would make me epileptic, but I'd still love it. And I'd be happy to reunite with the Giants lineup (yeah, you could only play AGAINST the Cubs) of 93. I don't remember the name of the game though. Maybe Hardball.

I do think though that modern games or way too realistic and would've frustrated me at the time. Or I would've gone crazy and become a professional baseball player thanks to virtual semi-reality.

Maybe it's not too late.
I'll watch The Rookie again and ponder all that...


  1. Modern games have become a little too realistic for their own good. Now you off season duties and front office capabilities. Sometimes I just want to sit and play a game....not negotiate a contract.

  2. Baseball MOgull is kind of fun, if you like to just manage and look at numbers. But yeah, I totally agree