Monday, November 10, 2014

Wouldn't you first 1/1

As much as I enjoy dimebox (or penny box) cards, I do try to get some higher end ones through trades or for cheap off ebay. Because, well, they do look purty.

When I got back to collecting, I learned that there were now 1/1 cards and that manufacturers were putting printing plates in packs. Which is a pretty cool idea if you ask me, because it's like owning part of the fabrication process. I'm not hardcore enough to try and chase Blue Jays printing plates, even though I'm on the lookout for cheap ones, but they hardly ever surface at less than $10-$15, and usually for bowman cards of prospects who never made it (or not yet anyway). There's a seller on ebay I often buy from, because he offers a $3 shipping rate to France (he's stationed in Taiwan), and it's only .20ct per additional card. So I tend to look at the other cards he has to offer and I'll pick a couple for cheap for my PC or Knicks collection. I made an exception when I saw that printing plate that I thought looked really cool. I got it for less than $5, so I'm happy about it. Plus, I love that old Bullets jersey.

 A nice on-card auto for the ol' Knicks collection. Collection I was finally able to organize and put in binders, as I pulled the trigger on 200 nine pocket sleeves pages. I can see clearly now, as the poet used to sing.

I don't really know why I got that card. I do like Giambi and I'm happy to see Jeter on that card. I suppose I got it because it's a low numbered card. It's up for trade if anyone's interested.

This was the reason I started bidding on those 3 other cards in the first place. It's a beauty. The red ink on the black background gives it a nice unique feel.

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