Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Embrace your children. And mock them.

First of all, I'm sorry, but this is another basketball related post.
Yeah I know, I suck.
But it's not my fault. I was supposed to have 250 cards I got on justcommons, but it's been a month now since they were supposedly shipped, and after looking into the matter and searching for a tracking number, it appears that my cards have never been shipped after all. Great. So it's back to the drawing board and back to waiting at least another couple of weeks. I'm also still expecting a few trade packages and a couple of comc orders (including some vintage I picked up on ebay for cheap, so yay). I also passed an order on dave & adam's that I should be getting early next week, so that'll keep us busy.

So yeah, here we are, stuck with yet another ebay purchase. This time from a seller in France, which means I got it in a couple of days and only had to pay $6 to have 60 cards shipped to me. So THAT'S what it feels like to be an American ! The bulk of the lot are 50 Willis Reed cards. All different, all inserts and serial numbered. There's even one autograph. I won't scan them because they aren't really interesting. They all look the same, with the same picture, sometimes the exact same card, save for the different serial number (numbered /25 and then /15 but it's really the exact same one. That's very, very silly). But there are a few from the 70s (best decade ever) and some cool ones too. And the price ($15 for it all) was a real bargain.

The rest of the lot were 12 autographed cards of Mardy Collins.

Because you see, when you are a team collector like I am, you learn to love any player that's put on a Knicks or a Blue Jays uniform. Even if it was only for a few games. Even if the stats were'nt too impressive. It's like your kids : you have favorites. You can't help it. But you learn to love the others anyway. It's the law, you don't have a choice. So here I am, chasing cards of Mardy Collins, even though I had completely forgotten about him, even though he played 100 games in 2 seasons and started in 16 of them, averaging 15 minutes a game and 4 pts. He then spent 2 years with the Clippers, before playing in Europe. But still, he's part of my checklist. So sure, I need his cards. 12 autographs ? Well, he sure had the time to sign all those stickers, that's on the plus side. Might as well keep busy. There are about 150 cards of his in a Knicks uniform. 50 happen to be autographs. 50 ! How many Mardy Collins autos does a collector really need ?
 I Paid $10 for them all. A lot of low numbered cards, but then again, how many really dedicated team collectors can there be ?

Those last four are actually really nice cards.

There are close to 1 000 Knicks Autos out there. That's 12 less to pursue...


  1. You are now officially the only Mardy Collins super collector!

  2. Too funny Matt! I'm not into basketball but am all for mocking your children!