Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bob Walk the line : sign here

It's always nice to get surprise (almost) unexpected packages, especially when they come from such a great trade partner as Matt from Bob walk the plank. Ok, this is only our second date, but still, this might just be a long term relationship. It's a good thing we don't have Thanksgiving here (for obvious reasons), or I might have invited him over to introduce him to my parents. We do have Christmas though...I'll think about it.

Ok, let's have a look at that nice, heavy enveloppe :

I've already stated that I find amazing that Roy Halladay doesn't have more of a following. His cards can be found for real cheap (then again, whose cards can't be had for cheap ?), except autos, as there aren't that many out there. I already had the Frank Thomas in that Ultimate Star collection, and I really like that Turkey Red. There are a lot of questions raised about the authenticity of game worn items, but frankly (my dear), I don't give a damn. I like the cards because they look nice. They might as well just cup up some nice, clean jerseys, call it a day and stop charging so much for packs that will be weighed anyway by people who don't have better things to do with their days than hang out by Wall-mart with an electronic scale.

Matt managed to find one of the rare Leaf signatures series card I didn't already have. I love those. I don't remember for how much packs sold at the time, for what we'll call a very, very deep lineup of common cards, but the idea was a great one. The ones I have are actually faded because I've had them in a frame for so long, and I guess they didn't enjoy the sunlight as much as I do.

A couple of nice autographs, including my first Brett Cecil (I'm expecting an Arencibia any time soon in my mailbox). And even though I'm not a fan of Gypsy Queen base, I do like their inserts and relics. Nice on card auto.

Two beautiful cards, and the Orlando Hudson didn't really scan well, it looks much better in real life. This is the second Anthony Gose auto Matt sends me, after the amazing 1/9 Topps Triple threads from last time, and it's another really great card. And you won't hear me say this about Bowman very often !

Finally, the "clou du spectacle" is that Sweet spot Lyle Overbay signature. Matt was nice enough to put it in a magnetic holder (supplies aren't that easy to find here, or with outrageously high shipping fees), to give it the shrine it deserves. They really did an amazing job on that card, and you'll notice its number....001/366 ! Matt is the king of first number cards.

As you know, I don't really care about the value of cards. I like the idea of having a $300 card that I've only paid $20 for (because, well, that's what it's really worth considering its condition), but besides that, history has shown that modern cards seldom hold their value. None of these cards are technically worth a lot, but the thing that's priceless to me is that fact that Matt made this selection just for me, based on what he's read on my blog. I suppose that's what trading's all about, and those kinds of packages (and I've received a bunch of them in the past few months thanks to you guys) always bring a big fat smile to my face. If we did have Thanksgiving, that's what I'd be thankful for.

Ok, maybe I need to get a life....I'll ask for one for Christmas.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards. I have plenty more to send your way! My wife and I travel a lot so if I make it to France maybe I can meet your parents. :)