Monday, November 17, 2014

Breaking 92 Stadium Club down like Evander Holyfield

There's nothing to expect out of 92 Stadium Club other than base cards. But base cards with great photos that are sharp looking and the great idea of putting the Topps Rookie card on the back. The photos selection isn't as impressive as 93 Stadium Club, but it has its good moments.

One of my theories is that the person in charge of finding 900 pics was really into catchers (not that there's anything wrong with that). Another theory is that the person in charge with collation was horrible with statistics, as I'm still missing 30 cards for the 300 card set despite a 540 cards box. Then again, this means I got exactly 270 base cards and 270 duplicates. That person is a mad genius, I stand corrected. Genius or not, it still annoys me, but that was part of the joys of the nineties.

Anyway, I just scanned a bunch of catchers cards to make my point.

A couple of nice cameos.

The first one is one of the best plate collision cards ever, at a Braves - Twins World series game. When I saw the second one, it also had a World series feel to it, and sure enough, you can see the patch on the right sleeve.

Here's also one of the best shots ever. Just imagine if it was a head first dive at the plate, instead of 3rd base...Come on Tim, gear up and block that plate. You were allowed to back then.


  1. 1992 Stadium Club has to be one of the best all-around sets ever made. I love the Griffey cameo on that B.J. Surhoff card.

  2. One of my all time favorite cards. That Andy Van Slyke has it all!

  3. Didn't realize there were so many great catcher shots.

  4. What a collection! I still have to bring myself to buy some Topps Stadium Club.
    But you are right. Base cards with great photos and you simply don't need any insert.