Thursday, November 13, 2014

Smokey the Blue Jay patch

before unraveling what the 211 packs that I opened this evening yielded (nothing real crazy, but some incredibly cool cards. You can't expect much when you don't spend more than $25 on wax boxes), I'll show some cards I got from ebay today. I really need to keep my budget in check and make sure I don't overspend on the little things..."that's how they get you".

But since I received my boxes today and my 220 cards order from justcommons yesterday, that should kill the urge of spending money on anything and everything (yeah right...I have 14 auctions ending tonight...ah well).

In the 'anything category', I bring to you Blue Jays fire safety oddballs. They are fully licensed, even though the MLPA logo doesn't appear, and I suppose they were offered to BLue Jays fans in some way, since it's clearly written that they should not be sold for any purpose. Well, I bought them anyway. I hope Canadian firemen won't come and arrest me. Those are 34 card sets, printed on real thin paper stock, and they each come with sound advice to avoid fire hazards in your home. They were on my checklist. I was curious to see what they looked like. Now I know.

Here's the 1990 set, with an Olerud first year card. And probably the only John Sullivan card as a Blue Jays coach. Might as well enjoy the 15 minutes of fame. Notice how well framed the last two photos are...and how good the fire safety advice is .

Look at that trophy. Aaaah, the memories...ok, I don't have any memories from that World Series, since I only started to try and understand baseball in 1993. But it's still in our canadian collective memory. 

I also got those patches for cheap ($1 each + $4 s&h). I don't really understand what they are supposed to be, but they look kinda nice. Even though it looks like the players signed a napkin. I hope I don't keep them too close to me when I'm eating chicken wings.

Ps : well, wouldn't you know, one of the cards from the 92 O Henry set is my 4 000th Blue Jays cards. Congrats to it !


  1. And here I was, badmouthing again ! Thanks Richard !

  2. Congrats on 4000! Now that you are blogging it won't take long to get 4000 more.

  3. 4000 cards, that's a lot of postal dollars! yikes! and congrats! I have a huge stack for you, but will break it up into a few shipments.