Friday, November 7, 2014

Catching up with a trade

Jared from catchingupwithcollecting reached out a couple of months ago asking if I was willing to get a trade going. Having just started his blog also, he knows how it is to be one of the new guys ! Of course I agreed, and he sent a healthy stack of Blue Jays and Griffeys my way, that I received yesterday (no, it doesn't take a couple of months for a package to arrive my away ! it's usually 8-15 days).

Here's a small sample of what I got.

I love A&G, even more when it's Griffey in his beloved Mariners uniform.

Those UD Masterpieces are really great. I need to track down some more. The 91 Ultra is a good example of early inserts. Let's just say there was room for improvement ! I love the mini also.

Here come the Blue Jays ! Some old, some still old, but less, and my first real Topps mini.

Now those cards really reek of the 90s. Only Pacific....The finest card came with the protective peel-off. That I always peel off, they look so much nicer without it.

 Modern inserts

Some modern players on older card designs (welcome to the 2 000s)

Some older players on modern card designs (ditto). I like that card a lot.

The usual parallels. Those are all from the 2013 set, as you'll have noticed.

Jared even thrwe in a few minors cards, including those Ted Williams ones. And any Ted Williams co card is always a welcome addition.

Finally, even though I'm not a fan of Panini's, it's hard to turn down a low numbered on-card auto of Jesse Barfield !

Thanks a lot Jared, I needed most of the cards you sent, discovered some new ones, and most are already feeling at home in my binders. Looking foward to the next trade, but first I need to find some to send your way. You should be catching them soon !


  1. Do you have any interest in a Griffey auto jersey card #'d 21/25?

  2. Well yeah, of course, but I have nothing to trade for it and I'm not looking to purchase cards that are that expensive !

  3. I like that Barfield. He has a nice signature. If it wasn't for the blanked out helmet that card would look really nice.

    Great group of cards from Jared!

    1. That's true ! And at least, he's shown in a Blue Jays uniform this time (my last Panini Barfield, he had a blanked out Yankees uniform. Booooo)

  4. Whoa - a Jesse Barfield auto. I've never seen one of those. I suppose he's a pretty good candidate for the HH set.

  5. cool card selection! The Barfield is quite unique. I have the 93 Ted Williams set. Maybe I need to check out 94 as well.