Monday, November 3, 2014

Three (not so) blind autos

One of the things I try to maximize with my ebay purchases, is combined shipping. Because even if I win a $1 card, shipping will never, ever be free. Best case scenario, I get it for $4, shipped (not uncommon for the US either), worst case scenario, they only offer the global shipping programm and it'll cost me $15 more. I don't know why I use the future tense, since never in my right mind would I pay 15 times more in shipping fees, just to make ebay richer. There is the Comc mailbox alternative, which is a great service, but it's still a $1 processing fee + shipping (which comes out to about $1 a card, as they don't qualify for their $3 flat shipping rate). I use comc for my 'higher-end' cards, ie vintage or relics that are more than $5.

Anyway, many ebay sellers offer combined shipping, which is great for business. But which means that I'll sometimes find a card I'm really interested in, and shop around to see if the seller has anything else to offer. That's what happened here.

Here's one of those cards I wouldn't have bought otherwise. I got it for cheap ($3 I think), but that design is horrible. Still a nice on card auto from one of the major players from the bad boys era of the New York Knicks.

This is a nice looking card of a player I don't much care about, although it's a good thing he was here when Chandler wasn't or they might not have made it to the playo...oh wait...

here's the card that I really wanted. I got it for a little more than what I usually pay for a modern card ($7), but it looks really great. And it's of a player I admire because, obviously, of his height. If you must know, I myself am 5'6 (or 1,68m, since that's the system we use here). Muggsy is 5'3 and still played great professional basketball. I hope there was a CBS special on him that inspired an entire generation ! Incidentally, it's numbered 169/199 and the Martin one is 168/199. That's weird.

Three oncard autos. And I added the seller to my favorites. Something tells me I'll be back for more.


  1. What an awesome Muggsy Bogues! Kenyon Martin was coached by Bob Huggins at Cincinnatti who know coaches my alma mater West Virginia University. He was a beast in college. A lot of people think the Bearcats would have won the national championship had Martin not gotten hurt.

    1. Yeah, I love that auto ! shows that you can still make great cards without any super thick card stock. Too many injuries in Martin's carreer, that's for sure...