Sunday, November 9, 2014

Another french-canadian trade

When you live in Canada, you don't have much choice if you're of the patriotic kind but to root for the Blue Jays. Therefore, there are several Blue Jays collectors out there in the blogosphere (hi there !). Since I'm sure there's enough room for all of us, it's natural for me to reach out to them, in case they might need any of my dups. This time, Richard (from torontobluejayscollection) asked me if I needed any 1984 Topps, since he had a whole stack laying there collecting dust. Turns out it's one of the few Topps sets from the 80s I needed a bunch of cards from.

The blogosphere being what it is and Richard being who he his, he couldn't help but look at my want list in search of numbers for me to cross out. A few days later, the jetstream brought a package in my mailbox.

He sent me those Halladay cards, just in case I might need them. Well, I do. So yay. Bowman Heritage is one of the few Bowman products I tolerate, matter of fact.

My very first O-Pee-Chee that don't simply use the Topps design from the corresponding year. Not exactly a home run in terms of design, but at least, they tried something !

I'll never grow tired of those silver (and gold) signature parallels. And the Olerud and White cards are great cards, regardless of who they play for.

Considering how much I love those 3 sets, and that 93-94 were the years I was the most active on the hobby front, it's amazing that I'm still missing some Blue Jays cards (and how could I not have that Alomar?). I only have one missing from each, I believe, not counting first day issues, electric diamonds, inserts and gold holograms.

More card needs. I only had one single '84 card. I now have 18. It doesn't feel as lonely anymore. That Delgado Bowman is great, I miss Fleer Metal, and look how young Shawn Green looks !
 My very first 1998 Sp Authentic. Great design.

My want list doesn't include anything between 99 and 2012 (haven't had the time to do so yet). I did put my 2013 needs, so here comes Topps ! Though I understand the concept of Opening day sets, why on earth do they use the same design and photos as flagship ? What's the point ? I'm glad I'm missing so many cards from the last 20 years, it'd drive me crazy if I had to focus on modern issues.

And finally, Richard doubled my 2013 Heritage Blue Jays cards.Heritage has its detractors, but I really like them a lot.

Another trade in the books, another stack to sort.At least it'll go down once I find a whole bunch of Joe Carter cards to send his way. They're coming, I promise !

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