Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soft kitty, warm kitty

A few days ago, Daniel at It's like having my own card shop offered to send some free cards.
Those things happen from time to time in the blogosphere alongside cool contests. I raised my hand and he was kind enough to send some over the ocean.

He warned that they were in a really bad shape and that they had seen better days. But I'm not about to let some cards stay unloved on the side of the road or in a shelter where the only popular ones are the sharp young guns. The life of cardboard can be so unfair. I couldn't resist those old tired puppy eyes and I opened my arms to them, offering them food and a safe place to poop at.

Daniel wasn't lying, those cards definitely had it rough and have been in their fare shares of alley brawls. But it's not a reason to abandon them.

And since I'm absolutely in love with the 1972 set, I'm glad that's what I wound up receiving for the most part.

So I'm guessing those last three were David's

And for good measure, Daniel included some cards for my PC and team collection. A real nice Neon Deion that I needed, and the entire 33 card set from 1992 Topps micro. Yup, micro. Not mini. And when you see the size of those things, you understand why....

Thanks a lot Daniel for sending those, and to have the reflex to ask around if anybody needed them before...yikes...throwing them out to be recycled !


  1. You can never go wrong with 72's. Just finished putting the complete set together earlier this summer. It took me 40 years but it's done . It is a monster. The 74 set was the first set I completed completely from ripping packs. The 70's set is my goal now. It will complete the 70's decade.

    1. Mark, that's quite an achievement! I secretly desire to complete all 70s Topps too but am realistic. If I can put together a nice set of 75, I'll be happy. 72 and 75 are by far my favorites!

  2. Glad you are giving those cards a great home!