Friday, June 19, 2015

We are all random Dutch guys

I hardly ever do it (ok, usually because someone always beats me to it), but I asked Jeroen (Dutch card guy) to put a card aside for me, that he got in one of his box breaks :

Dalton Pompey seems to be in every possible set this year (with Stroman and Sanchez), and this is a very good looking one, SN99. So ok, he's back down in AA, but he's got talent, he just needs to start hitting...

Of course, Jeroen didn't just send me this card. He added a whole bunch of PC and completely random ones (and I always love random). There were soccer stickers, Indiana Jones (yup, absolutely) and basketball cards. Along with those :

And finally, a very nice looking 2015 Gypsy Queen relic, the first one I've seen in person !

Thanks a lot for the trade Jeroen, I hope you liked what I sent in exchange !

While I'm at it, I might as well show a few cards I received the other day, straight from Ebay

I love that card. The design and die-cut are simply but effective. I should try and find others from that set, they're quite affordable.

 A SN Vladdy (91/175)

I really like how they feel like wood, just like the Picture perfect Leaf insert.

I was curious to see what those inserts looked like. I thought the Flair Spotlight would be some kind of acetate see-through, but it's not. It's ok, I still like it !

There's a set that was really popular back in 1997 (the fact that it was limited *cough* to 10 000 copies helped). That card was worth $40 back then. I got it for forty times less.

I always like to add autos of players I was familiar 20 years ago. Rondell White was quite the prospect at the time, so it's a name that stuck with me. Plus, it's a nice looking on-card auto. I think I got it for about $2.

I normally never show a card that is intended for a fellow blogger, but I'm sure my good friend Matt won't hold it against me. Because yes, it's a Jason Kendall minor league auto. Let's see what the other side looks like...

Yeah, we've gone a long way on terms of autos...This looks more like an in-person auto at the ballpark, with someone who didn't have the right Sharpie for it. But you can still see the auto if you look real close !


  1. Glad you like the cards ! Thanks for the trade !

  2. Super sweet Kendall! NIce cards all! Kimball's are my fave minis and the Piazza is pretty awesome. One I don't yet have.