Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Putting French-Italian feuds aside

The Italian Completist reached out to me, saying he had some cards from my want list that he wanted to send out to me, and that hey, we're European brothers, we should be tight anyway.
And yeah, of course this makes sense ! 
It took me awhile to understand what Riccardo collects (basically : everything), but I was still able to send out some cards to him in a nice, fraternal matter. As European collectors, we should always look out for each other. When all was said and done, close to 100 cards were in my mailbox, and here are some of the highlights :

Base needs from various years and brands (aaaah, Pinnacle Inside....)

Great oddballs (where can you get those oddballs in Italy ?)

Vernon !

Plenty of different brands represented, and always great to add new Delgados. I should really try to track down every single Frank Thomas card in a Blue Jay uniform.

 Two future Hall of famers...ok, scratch that.

 My quest for parallels continues !
And finally, I really love that card. Technically, it's a Pirate card, but sorry Matt, this one stays here !

Thanks a lot Riccardo, I really enjoyed that trade ! I hope I'll be able to help you collect...hmmm...Well, everything ! And that's a lot of cards.


  1. Nice cards, I forgot all about Kay Bee toy stores. Only really remember going there once when they were going out of business.

  2. Hey Kevin!

    I'm happy you liked to lot, and of course I'm haveing fun going through the package you sent me in return!
    I'm currently working on your UD'93 wantlist so expect a new envelope in the mail soon coming from Italy!

    Best regards