Monday, June 22, 2015


Remember how I was writing yesterday that I loved Fan Favorites autos ?

Well, I wasn't lying (I hardly ever do. Especially here).
This year's checklist includes Devon White, Tony Fernandez and Jose Cruz Jr (and Jose Cruz, for the matter). And considering everybody's all crazy about copies that are numbered to 199, I can only imagine how many of the regular cards have been signed. Which is fine by me, because it only means one thing : easy to find, and cheap.

Woohoo !
Right my alley.

This one wasn't that cheap, as it cost me $8, but it's my very first Devon White auto, and I'm not sure I'd have been able to get it for much less than that, even by waiting for the whole 'ooooh it's a new product, let's jump on it' (which is exactly what I did) to go away.

One down, two to go !


  1. I love the Fan Favorite autos. Glad to see a few new Pirates this year. Very nice Devo!

  2. Fan Favorites has by far the best autos of any set I've ever seen.