Thursday, June 11, 2015

Collecting goal : being lazy

I am a very lazy man.
Oh, of course, I accomplish great things (after all, I am French), but all in all, I'm pretty lazy.

And despite this, I've decided to set a goal. A collecting goal. Yeah, one more. We've all been there.

I've said it many times (matter of fact, it was the object of my very first post), but my favorite set (and my first pack of cards) is 93 Upper Deck. I bought a box of series one a few weeks ago (series 2 can't be had for cheap because of the Jeter rookie...) and because of very poor collation, I know it's no use accumulating said boxes. So I might as well try and trade for the cards that I'm missing.

To tell the truth, I thought they'd have every possible card from the 800-something set on justcommons, but it turns out that not at all. Maybe a ton of people simply have the same lazy dreams and set-goals I do, who knows.

I'm also not very patient, so I picked up a bunch of the inserts on Comc. Because yes, I'm not just planning on trying to complete the base set (it's 75% complete so far), I'm going for the whole master set (minus gold holograms, because who cares about those ?). That's something like 180 more cards. Yay.

And I'm absolutely, irrationally in love with those inserts :

They sure love doing anniversary insert sets, at Upper Deck HQ. If I remember correctly, they'd even do pre-anniversary preview sets...crazy kids.

Flawless designs, full bleed photography, great themes...nothing overly impressive or over the top like we'd later see during the crazy 90s. Just simplicity itself, with the right odds to make them desirable enough. And I'm not even showing the best inserts of all : Then & Now, as I've already completed it.

I'm still missing about half of the inserts, but I'm much, much closer to completing the set now after my Comc splurge !

I put my complete want list on the top of the page, so if you have several shoe boxes filled with 93 Ud...


  1. It is my dream for someone to one day start a 1993 Upper Deck set blog. It may well be my favorite set of the modern era. Best of luck on completing it! I'll see if I can find a few for you.

  2. Is Bonds hitting backwards in that Triple Crown Contenders card?

  3. I didn't appreciate 93 UD when it came out. I do enjoy it now. Good luck on the build!