Tuesday, June 16, 2015

French flag

I've received so many great trade packages those last few days, I don't even know where to begin...The Italian completist sent me some great cards a couple of weeks ago, and Richard (Collecting Blue Jays) sent me a 550 count box filled with Blue Jays oddballs and regional sets that I still need to sort (they will be a blast to show off, considering how God ugly they are). But right now, I'll focus on a few ebay purchases and yet another awesome batch of cards sent by Brian.

First : EBAY !

I got this card at first for Julie. But it seems that she really, REALLY hates him now, so I'd rather not aggravate her. I'll keep the card in my collection !

 PCP (Personal Collection Players)

Nobody collects Rays players. But it's Archer. And it was $1. So hey.

I showed off the autographed Baerga the other day, and those are the base cards. They still look nice, and it's not everyday I say this of Bowman chrome.

Speaking of which, I really thought that those inserts would look better in-person. They just did too much with the concept, it doesn't really work well.

Ok, let's see what amazing cards Brian sent this time (in case you haven't noticed, he's one of the best traders out there, and not just because he thinks I'm pretty cool (though that helps))

Swatches ! Brian sent a note saying that the Delgado looks like the French flag. And it definitely does ! I feel so patriotic right now. Very low numbered Burnett !

Dickie Joe Thon. Such a wonderful name. Dickie Joe itself sounds very, very cool (in a rednecky kind of way), but when you add Thon, you have a definite winner. Mainly because in French, thon means tuna. And nothing beats Tuna.
Dickie Joe Tuna.

one of the thousands of Lind autos available.

Shiny ! I wouldn't think of getting those USA cards myself, so it's great that some people think of them for me.

No, Brian didn't send me two copies of the Woody Williams auto. But I already had it. Except that as you can see from the copy on the right, it definitely needed an upgrade (I've had it for 18 years, and it was up on my wall at some point)

Griffeys I needed !

That one too, I needed, and the more I look at it, the cooler it gets

And finally, a very, very sweet 1963 Topps sticker.

thanks a lot Brian, it's always a lot of fun discovering what you've put together for me !


  1. The only thing missing from that Delgado card was a stamp that said "send this one to Kevin" - seemed like a perfect card for your collection!

  2. I'm currently on the hunt for a copy of that 2015 Bowman Moises Alou because he only played in two games as a Pirate.

  3. i never said I hated Max. DId I give that impression? Oh I felt a bit scorned but we made up. ;)