Saturday, June 6, 2015

Trade Post : Angels in order

I hardly got any trading done in May, as I only received a couple of packages (lazy me). And here we are, June 6th, and three packages have already made their way across the Ocean. Thursday, I received The Junior Junkie's incredible Griffey Bonanza. Speaking of which, I'll let the contest run until Monday, when I'll announce the winner and we can have a big party with half-naked French chicks around my plastic swimming pool. On Friday, I got a bunch of Blue Jays from the Italian Completist and today, I received a blind trade package from Tom over at Angels in order. He reached out to me asking if I was up for a trade (always am) and tadah, cards in my mailbox. Way easier than a pyramid scheme.

So that's two new trading partners in just three days. Not bad at all. Let's first have a look at Tom's cards.

I wasn't familiar with that set, so I had to do a little research of my own. So apparently, Pinnacle thought it would be a good idea to mix coins with cards. In 96-99, Pinnacle was desperately trying to find great ideas. I'm really not sure they succeeded much (Pinnacle Inside, anyone ?). You're supposed to find the matching coin to go with the die cut card. Alongside those, you'll find some bronze, silver and gold coin parallels (but without the coins. You follow ?). Ok.

 Box sets !

A little of everything from the 90s : very low end, parallels, high end and...well, and Circa

Plenty of Shawn Greens !

Those are the first Leaf from those years that I've laid my hands on. Strange times. And a Fleer Jersey Edition without any jersey in it.

Modern day parallels, including a SN Arencibia !

And finally, some oddballish fun stuff, including a decal I just might wear to work.

Thanks a lot Tom, your cards are ready to be sent your way !

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