Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Card Tourette syndrome

Today, I'm just going to show some cards. Yeah I know, it's a shocker.

There is one bit of news that I found interesting, though. Two, actually. The first one is that the first female baseball player eligible for the international draft is a French one. Now that's something, considering only 10 000 people play the sport. And of course, no media wrote or spoke about it here. I just did a google news search, and there's just one newspaper that published the information. Just one. The second piece of information about baseball was A-Rod's infamous 3 000 th hit ball. A newspaper wrote about it here, only to mention that the fan didn't want to give the ball back. But the beginning of the article was : "you probably don't care about baseball (we can't blame you as we don't either' but....". This, my friends, shows what the state of baseball is in France.

But hey, maybe she'll do a Yao Ming and bring baseball (basketball is already here and we have Tony Parker) to France !

Anyway, back to cards. Here are three, sent by Wes, who was kind enough to send them to Matt so he'd forward them to me (sounds a little bit like High-School, but you get it). So yay, surprise cards !

 Edwin really needs to work on his penmanship.

Next up, some ebay cards.

I buy a lot of cards from Asian sellers, as they always offer great shipping prices. Those here were filler cards. I have no idea what they are, but I'll still take them !

Shiny serial numbered Blue Jays ! (/250 and /50)

All of those are some kind of refractors, all numbered out of 250. I stopped trying to keep track with the degree of shininess of various refractors.

This one I got because I liked the card. I can't say I'm a big Chris Davis fan and I don't know any Orioles collectors. But it was (very) cheap (maybe 2 or $3 I think) and it's quite good looking. At some point, like everybody, I'll try to concentrate on just one aspect of my collection, and I'll wonder why the hell I added this one. But for now, I'm happy.

He changed names, participated in the slam dunk contest, wore that incredible Nuggets jersey, was a free-throw machine and had mild Tourette syndrome. Why would I NOT want his autograph? Albeit on a horrible Select card. But still.


  1. A female from a country that doesn't really care about baseball is probably the best way for a female to finally break the MLB's gender barrier. Although it might create some stereotype in France where "America's Pastime" baseball is for girls.

    That said, once a player from a country not known for baseball makes some waves in the states, it does have some effect on that country. Italy, India and Germany fall under this category (to an extent).

  2. Nice lot of cards, I like the Asian ones the best. I should look for some sometime.

    I hope as a result of this that France starts to become a hotbed for baseball, and gains a new audience there.

  3. I've been teaching for eighteen years... and this summer is the first time I've had a student with Tourette syndrome. It's only been two weeks and it's already been a very, very, very interesting experience.

    1. P.S. Not a huge hoops fan anymore, but the Jackson (I mean Abdul-Rauf) autograph is really cool.

    2. Must be challenging and rewarding at the same time...and yeah, I read your post about not following the NBA anymore, but the last few seasons have been quite interesting !

  4. $3 for a book card is impressive. For the longest time I would just collect what looked interesting to me like you do. Nothing wrong with that, you just have to keep a close eye on the budget because in my experience all cards look nice!

  5. I like the way you shop. I've picked up cards for some odd reasons then wonder years later why I bought them. Makes for great trade bait tho.