Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bob & Papoy : the love affair continues (awesome auto inside)

As I said yesterday, showing off my 89 Griffey (still can't believe I own one. I know you can find some for $15 shipped and that there are millions (litterally) out there, but getting one in a trade makes things even sweeter, for some reason), Matt from the universally known Bob Walk the plank blog, sent me yet another great package filled with a ton of awesome cards. I've been swamped with such packages all of this month, and I'll never be thankful enough.

Here are the contents :

I don't know if it was sent on purpose, but even though it looks like a Blue Jays uniform on a former Blue Jays player, this is a Brewers card. Still a great looking card, but I'll probably pass it along to Tony if he needs it !

This one I know was sent on purpose. Ok, it's a current Toronto player, but somehow, the colors don't scream out Blue Jays. This is one absolutely gorgeous card, though, no way does it leave my collection any time soon.

You all know by now that I love Fan favorites autos. I already have a copy of this one, but I frankly don't mind. Matter of fact, you can send me any non-Blue Jay player, it's fine with me too !

Great looking Museum collection double relic + auto combo

I saw those two on Robert's blog. And instead of being jealous (I've been receiving my fair share of cool high end cards), I made a mental note of trying to track them down. Matt saved me the trouble.

One less 2015 auto to find ! (and proof that not all DONRUSS PANINI is horrible)

Nice low-numbered Bautista !

A couple of relics, including the mighty confusing Donruss Champions set.

A&G framed relic !

A little bit of everything, including an almost Christmas card.

 You can't really tell from the scan, but this is a box topper. It came with our previous box break. Brian, I'll probably send it to you at some point, I just wanted to enjoy my first ever such item !

And those are cards from our latest box break. Nothing incredibly exciting, but I gotta say that the cards look and feel really nice, I'm glad Matt chose that PANINI product.

And then there was this...turns out it's the last item I looked at. I had put it aside, thinking it was just a nice oversized card of one of my PC and great first basemen. No World Series, no HOF, no 300 hits, but still one heck of a ballplayer.

And of course, Matt being Matt...

Here's an 8x10 signed by Mattingly.
Just like that.
As a Birthday gift.
And it's a great one.

Thanks a lot Matt....when we sent each other our very first cards, you said at the time that it would be the first of many more. Never did I imagine I'd be receiving those types of cards and items. And I know they're far from the last we'll be sending back and forth !


  1. Nice package, great card to end with too.

  2. That Overbay is why I shouldn't put trade packages together at 3am.

    Glad you liked the Mattingly! Happy Birthday.

    1. That Overbay is from that awkward time when it was difficult to tell the Jays, the Rays, the Brewers, and a ton of other teams apart when they all went to that same script for their jerseys.

      And, to be fair, I think of Overbay as a Blue Jay myself -- I mean, that's where I saw him playing in person back in 2008.