Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A rapid tour of the Museum

I wouldn't say I actively chase high end cards of Blue Jays players. Let's say that if I browse Ebay and see one, I'll bet on it and if I win, then more power to me. But I don't look very closely at checklists or make ebay alerts of them. I should, though. It would make a lot of sense. But where's the fun in a hobby that makes sense ?

It's also safe to say I'll never bust open a box of such high end products. I'm not interested in playing high end roulette.

Anyway, I did a simple search for 2015 Topps Museum, and that seller had a couple of Jose Reyes relics I was interested in. I've said it many times before : I find relics absolutely silly (why on earth would I want a laundry tag ?), but they do make great looking cards. And I really like those Museum designs.

As usual, I bet on other cards from that same seller so that shipping costs wouldn't be 80% of the value of the cards. My eye is really well trained now to immediately see teams for my trade partners. Saves me a lot of time. Good ol' eyes. I won 7 cards in all (I'll show only 6, as the 7th is a Pirate card that shall remain unscanned on this part of the Ocean), ranging from $1.5 to $4.5.

So there you go :

The initial card I was after. a plain patch without any color, but I still like it. The grey only explains why the price stayed low.

Such a nice smile.

I have no idea who those players are. But they have a Red Sox uniform on. And I'm pretty sure I know some Red Sox collectors (hey Mark !)

Ok, him I know

Solid young player who we won't see much of for the reminder of the, I don't trade with anyone who collects Cardinals cards. I have no idea why I took it. Probably because it was cheap enough. I really need to set more defined collecting goals !

I'll probably try and get some Bautistas from that set. I can either pick them up for 5-$10, or buy a box for $190 and hope for the best. Let me think about it.

Oh, and while I'm at it, don't forget the contest that's going on right here just below !


  1. Very nice, especially the Pedroia

  2. Very nice stuff! Have to love the simple on card autos like Museum Collection.